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As you can see, I don't use Photoshop or any fancy proggie -this was done with Excel and Hypersnap- but the data is 99% accurate. The Dorbin/Fogel/Fox omissions, repetitions, errors, inaccuracies, slippings & slidings have been taken care of ;)

1963-64 were the depression years, and the chart shows as much.

The most prolific year was 1966. B was in 37 different magazines -totalling 51 issues and probably over a hundred poems. The highest peak seems to be 1967, but that's because he was in 34 Open City issues that year.

There's a reason for the "DO NOT COPY" crap, believe me. If someone wants a "high quality" (ha!) copy without the "DO NOT COPY" notice, just p.m. me.

I just updated the chart to include 1970 as well. Interestingly, most of the mags he contributed to in 1970 were "new" mags/papers, as if B. kind of wanted to forget the 60s and move on.

yes, by "depression years" I obviously?? meant B.'s depression years. 1963-64 was a rough period for B.


Try to see this timeline as the graph I posted earlier on. I wonder why both timelines follow a similar pattern ;)

It's very interesting to see the mag breakdown like this. So buk was in about 71 mag issues in 1967, 37 being Open City issues.Amazing.
It must have been quite a job to sort out all that info. Well done, cirerita! Kudos...
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very interesting. when you say depression years, i'm assuming you mean buk's depression? not the financial depression of the 30's or, say, now...
Excellent work, cirerita.

Just as bukowski provoked the world of poetry with his clear direct brutal truth. perhaps cirerita can do the same in the area of academia. wake up all those sleepy head scholars stuck on the ladder of established academics and inspire the dull universities of indolence.

Good work.
I notice the graph line starts in 1940. I take that to mean that you are including the letter to the editor in the college paper Cubby Hole, and not the unknown poem(s)/story in Write, right? ;)

And the graph itself starts at 1935. Does that mean that you think it may be possible to find earlier publications?
Yes and no :D

If B was in the Write we believe he was published in, then that issue came out in 1940. Similarly, B. was in two L.A. Collegian issues. But I'm not listing those items because I haven't personally seen them. I'm not listing items unless I have personally seen them or a reliable source has sent me xerox copies or scans of the items. So Write and the second letter to the LA Collegian won't be listed until I have seen them.

So, yes, that 1940 entry corresponds to the LA Collegian letter. Letters are listed, especially if B. paid to have them published!

Excel automatically adds a value which is higher to the listed ones. So if the last year listed is 1970, Excel will add 1975. If the higher number of mags is 71, Excel will add 80, etc., etc. The earliest date listed is 1940, hence Excel adds 1935.

But, yes, I believe there might be Bukowski periodical appeareances from late 1939 or early 1940. Again, I won't list those until I have personally seen them.
You don't have to read it! Try to visually draw a line following the top item from each column and then compare it with my graph. I hope that makes sense. (Actually, you could draw two lines, one below the title of the timeline, and the other above it; both lines should have the same result.)

And you seriously cannot read the text?

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