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I was looking at photo's of Bukowski yesterday. Both here and on the web. I think Bukowski really started to grow into his look around the time of Post Office being published. Growing his hair out, growing the beard, etc. My favorite Buk photo besides the one where's he's posing in a driveway wearing the racetrack t-shirt is probably the one where he's posing with John and Barbara Martin. His arm is around Barbara and he's wearing a black shirt and a sharp watch. He just looks really cool. And while certainly he may have been attractive to women due to his success as a writer and status as a minor celebrity in the 70's. I doubt those were the sole reasons for this success. My question would be how many women here would find him attractive purely on his photographs or if you had happen to have known him, on his personality? Pretty strange question from a hetero man in his early 30's. But obviously he had very much success with women, depending on how you look at it. I mean, with a few minor loudd shirt mishaps in the 70's, the guy even rocked a big beergut! Inspirational! Ha!
Purely on looks, nah!........
Personality , wits, charm ! perhaps.....
Sense of humor, verbal audacity , yeah!.....
There is a thread on "Bukowski and Women"
You might want to read that.
You'll have a laugh or two for sure.

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