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Just watched this for the first time in at least 20 years. A great sleazy grindhouse splatter film from 1980, starring Joe Spinell as Frank Zito, a New York serial killer who scalps women and then nails the scalps to the heads of mannequins that he keeps in his apartment (where he also keeps a shrine to his mother surrounded by a couple of dozen candles... subtle, don't you think?). Great dialogue, almost all of it between Frank and himself, and a really great soundtrack.

"Mommy, please! Please don't lock me in the closet again Mommy!"

4 thumbs up!

The is like a mini-play of all of the violent scenes from the entire movie.
The shotgun blast through the windscreen is a real tooth-rattler. Read somewhere once that Savini found inspiration for this scene from a real crime scene photo of a cabbie (NY?) who had the misfortune of taking a shotgun blast to the head. Agree, it's a great example of grindhouse sleaze but it's one of those pick-and-choose who you recommend it to type films. Plus it stars Caroline Munro, she's always worth watching.
Putting Maniac at the top of my list of must see. ....Oh and by the way, what the hell does Helena have to do with it?

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