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ok, I'll confess I've never sold nor bought any manuscript nor signed copies by B, but I do have an original 3 page long manuscript and a signed copy of Pulp with a nice drawing. both of them were given to me as presents and I do not intend to sell them. in fact, I have them since 2001, so go figure! I also have signed books by Menebroker and Linda King, given to me as presents, as well.

however, I'd like to know which is the approx. market price of those items now. you know, curiosity killed the cat, right?
Standard signed hardbacks still go for around $150. Depends on the title of course. Something recent like Pulp is in that ballpark. A signed copy of Women with an original painting recently sold for $2550...

Pre-ebay you could buy poem and letter manuscripts for around $50. Some more, some less. But in the past few years the prices have gone a bit crazy. It's funny because you can trace it back to two specific ebay users who would bid against each other, sending the price of what would have been an $80 - $100 manuscript up over $1000. I sold to both of them in the $1500 range.

Now the prices have come down to about half of that - maybe $500 for a good two page poem manuscript. Still, about a 500% increase over a couple of years. Because of two guys with deep pockets. Interesting.

I could never afford the manuscripts and paintings we have at today's prices, that's for sure.

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