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im having a wake on the anniversary of the day bukowski died this year at the dive bar i work at

the universe wants me to


i only work tuesdays and this year it falls on a tuesday

this is a DAYLOAD,
i start at 11
vodka and sevenup and beer specials since those drinks resonate buskowski-ish in my brain

im urging all of the people i know to take the day off work out of reverence for poetry, love of distilled spirits and the idea that you must take steps to keep your brain your own...
be your own person
take a day off from your job just because you can
celebrate the human spirit by dinking mixed spirits and channeling chianski...

later in the evening we will be doing some readings, maybe for cash prizes, im still trying to find a venue for this with friendly booze pricing

it would be really cool if there was bukowski on tv that day

does anyone have any pull with the cable companies?
cant we get sundance to be all bukowski all afternoon as a tribute?

if not sundance, what other artsy cable station do yo think would do this?

also, what steps done have to take to make this day a national holiday?

ill start a petition that day at both venues
thanks for your help!

(if you want to check out my poetry chops,
google for my nickname and you can find my shit)

if you want to attend or helpin any way please reach me at [email protected]

these are the first events ive tried to plan and any help would be appreciated!
strangely no one calls me a fag that often
maybe its the 20 years of brutality they smell on me
from my rugby days
when rugby and recovering from rugby were all i did
please come to philly
ill be playing the bartender
you can be you
and in south philly we stil have fair fights in the parking lot out back...
I thought about going, but I am far too old and sedentary. South Philly is a cool place. My Mom used to live there, right off Moyamensing.

As much as I'm into Bukowski, a bunch of drunks fighting in the back alley of a south Philly bar does not make me want to go. Kinda like St Patrick's day brings out the bad occasional drunks who cant handle their alcohol, I can see this turning ugly.
The only ugly part of this celebration would be the readings. For cash prizes !

Otherwise it sounds like a fine waste of a Tuesday and I really would join up for a few drinks, but I'm nowhere near Philly. Good luck.
not many people here are from philly but i am, now where do u plan on throwing this? i do know 3 of the cheapest bars in philadelphia.
im stopping by site of the Moyamensing prison on the way downtown
part of the wall is still there
theres a dive bar across the st.called the triangle tavern
then on to then onto the reading
maybe a teeshirt or a book
there wont be "alot of drunks" there because people are too pussy to take a tuesday off
there wont be many fights because its easier to laugh, but if someone wants to try to produce a pearl in my gullet thru their constant irritation, hell, why not
its a celebration
a celebration of the end of the good stuff

if its too far away,
have a bukowski day in your environment then

urge your compatriots to take a day off work...just bukows

just bukows
just bukows work sucks
just bukows you are thirsty
just bukows you are a word fan
just bukows


the DREAM is that it becomes a drunken orgy for the masses like st pattys day
when it becomes a national holiday
when the true alcoholics expand their destruction of their livers to add another EVENT
that will be the day
maybe next year i rent a bus and make it really tacky
this is the test run

i think we will do something with quotes
every hour a different line

i like the one about the pig faced guy in the mens room with pastrami
cash prizes or gift cards to the liquor store?
photos yes
this will be the best buowski day ever
website to follow
then the holiday
then global warming
then polar bear sushi
it IS March 9th 2010 now in Germany and I will open a new thread the next 10 minutes, since I'm not willing to add to this one.
i walked into the bar an hour early and the only other person in the bar was a woman reading "love is a dog from hell"
the winner of the event was a woman named francesca who read a poem of his about shitting and it was perfectly inflected, humorous and REAL

20-25 attended with 11 readers
i changed my mind on the money thing but did award a dollar store plaque that i dolled up a little...
because im the type of person who thinks throwing things is funny i threw 10 pounds of gummy worms around the room during the evening and ducked return fire most of the time i was reading and it was sublimely funny

6.60 for five pounds at the wholesaler
the dee jay was phenomenal because even great words can be a drag after a while
you got to break it up and give people time to get to the bar
6 female readers and five male plus the character that must not be named
if typhoid mary ever made it he did not intorduce himself...
there were more strangers in the crowd than friends which was encouraging

a bottle of four queens 101 proof showed up and it was found to be remarkabley smooth
the bar is owned by an alleged memeber of the mafia, and a huge picture of young frank sinatra smirked at us from his place of honor
more women there than men
which was nice
2 people honored bukowski in the womans room in a way he truly would have approved of but were interrupted by the 6 foot transgender life partner of the wiccan day bartender who did not honor the male voice in the bathrooms plea to "give me just a minute"
no lock on the door
it became a contest of strength and the man inside was focussed on the woman on the sink and had the door knob ripped out of his hands by a very big ladyman

the night bartender was cool with it because we are generous tippers
the day bartender left with his two friends

the dykes were pretty mean to my brother
no makeup was used

someones wife took a hideous polyesther blazer and dress shirt and "zombified" it fairly spectacularly with bones sticking out of the both sleeves which tended to poke people

one of my best friends brought a 1973 druid press second edition of poems which i randomly read from and it was like holding a historical relic

we may need a new venue for the next one, sometime in april i think

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