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bukowski discusses his opinion of cannabis users and somewhat of cannabis in the Bukowski Tapes.

Is this the only interview discussion of his opinion on cannabis?

Does he mention cannabis in writings?

Oh yes! For instance in the short story, "The Big Pot Game", in the book, "Tales Of Ordinary Madness"...
He dismisses it.

In the 'Buk-Tapes' he argues, it made people he knew dump. Like "yeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh, baaaabyyyyy..." But this is a later Bukowski.

In 'The Big Pot Game' (that's 'Der große Kiffer-Schwindel' in: 'Schlechte Verlierer') he argues more against the pseudo-ubercool ATTITUDE of the pot kids in these times (late 60s/early 70s). But we know, that he too sometimes smoked weed or took pills when offered these days.

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