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Does anyone have any information about Bukowski's daughter. What she's doing, I believe she's about 44 now..... Has she ever been interviewed about Buk?
Does she write Poetry?

Just interested.....:cool:
She married a guy called JEFFREY STONE in 1990. [SOUNES:221]
Works as an aerospace engineer and had a son in 1997 called NIKHIL HENRY BUKOWSKI SAHOO [SOUNES: 214-215 PLATES].

I guess they left out the STONE part in the child's name because THE STONE was an unsympathetic character in POST OFFICE. Don't know where NIKHIL and SAHOO come from. Maybe it's a FRANCES SMITH thing.

Marina has a life so being the 'literary executor' (cheque casher, official mourner, publishing arbiter and guardian of the correspondence) of Charles Bukowski wouldn't mean anything to her.

Don't know about the poetry part. Are you interested in poems about telemetry and peak velocities?
Great link...

Thanks- that just about answers all my questions.
I guess it sounds kinda cheap being interested in his Daughter and Grandson.....
I know they 'have lifes'..... but having a Famous Dad, will always raise questions......
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