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It's pretty obvious that Bukowski was against marriage, so why did he get married?

I noticed that in some photos of Bukowski his eyes are dark brown, but in Bukowski tapes his eyes sure seems like blue, I know that his mother had dark brown eyes and his father eyes were blue.

I'd appreciate if someone could give me the answer of those questions.
I am not sure he was against the idea of marriage (I agree with Rekrab's statement), but you should know it took him many years before marrying Linda. I can't remember exactly why he changed his mind, anyone can help?
There are some letters that explain why he changed his mind, but I don't think they've been made public yet. The short version is he really didn't change his mind, he was simply keeping the peace. As the kids say, happy wife, happy life.
This is an older post but....seeing clips from Linda Bukowski reflecting on her life with Charles and speaking of his death it's pretty easy to for me to see why he gave in. She seemed like a real gem and the ideal person to tame the man just enough. Her personality seems just as unique as Bukowski himself. I think he just found the right person who sincerely loved him and seeked to understand him a bit more than the others.
I am thankful to Linda for adding ten years to Buk's life. She really helped him calm down with the insane amount of drinking. Think of all the great stuff he wrote in the last ten years of his life.
I just got dome reading Steve Richmond's book, "Spinning Off Bukowski." This was a really bad book. On this topic of Hank and Linda being together I just read this passage a few days ago. "Linda's Scorpio, fixed water. Hank is Leo, sun, fixed fire. Linda is drowning in him and he is burning her." I found that to be very interesting. Some people don't believe in this Astrology type stuff but I read one book on astrology called, "Astrology, the only book you'll ever need." It must be very popular because it is always updated and always sells. I truly believe that the reason those two got along is because they were well aligned for each other as guided by the stars and planets. I mean holy crap, Buk, one of the grumpy-est, depressed guys around ,fell deeply in love?! I think they're astrological compatability speaks volumes. I'm a Leo too and I am so proud that Hank was a Leo.
There are hints in various books of letters, like "Beerspit" where he claimed to be married twice (before Linda.) So my guess is he actually did marry Jane, but never admitted it in public? Who else could it have been before Barbara?
From the timeline:

Returns to Los Angeles permanently, meets Jane Cooney Baker, they live together on and off until 1955. FBI files indicate the two were married. Though Bukowski never acknowledged a legal marriage to Jane in later interviews or biographical accounts, in poems from 1959, 60 and 66 he mentions his "second wife," and being "twice divorced."
[...] FBI files indicate the two were married. [...]

I discuss that thing (very briefly!) in my book and leave the question open. Aside from all arguments - pro and con - that we've already discussed here, I threw in, that her death certificate names her still Baker. Of course this doesn't give any real evidence.
Right. There is no hard (official, legal) evidence of a marriage.

But the FBI files and, maybe more so, Bukowski's poems, do make a case for it. There's always the possibility (probability?) that Bukowski considered her his common law wife, and there was never an "official" marriage.

Either way, more than once he called her his "wife."
"25 years ago" means it was written in 1980, by which time he'd stopped talking about Jane as his wife. The other references we have are all from the 1960s. For what it's worth.

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