Martin Scorsese Attached to Direct Ramones Movie (1 Viewer)

Excellent director who has always used music extremely well in his movies. I'm sure I saw him in some documentary talking about the Ramones, saying he's a big fan He's from New York. If he can tap into that dangerous energy he had with Mean Streets and Taxi Driver we might be in luck.
Agree with that, one of the finest points of his directing is his use of music, he gets it so right; not overdone, or
flung in as a half hearted effort to be cool. The effect is always to either enhance the scene, or more commonly the character.
So theoretically, they are off to a flying start.
I wonder if he will manage to squeeze in Gimme Shelter, since it featured in Casino, Goodfellas and The Departed, no complaints from me if he did, just as a bit of background music of course:), not to take away from the Ramones.

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