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i didn't want to hijack lickthestar's thread, but i was going to post this as a response to mjp's post about graphic design vs. typesetting... is anyone here familiar with massin? he did typography for a bunch of french books in the mid-late 20th century (raymond queneau, ionesco, jean cocteau, and others), and he's an absolute genius, in my opinion. his books are so goddamn beautiful... phaidon has a great english-language retrospective of his work that was published recently. i went on a kick recently and bought a 1st edition of his version of queneau's exercises de style, and i just got cocteau's les maries de la tour eiffel and queneau's cent mille milliards de poemes today. i'm in typography heaven.
I've only really dipped my toe into this with letterpress (props to Bill Roberts for it) I know nothing, but am very, very curious to know more...
I did a quick google search and I found this:


which is a Blaise Cendrars book. Cendrars is Henry Miller's favourite writer, and Miller is one of my favourite writers.

so, bottom line, Massin is ok in my book.

and I saw some other stuff that was pretty cool in my Massin google search, also.

You might also be interested in Aleksandr Rodchenko, El Lissitzky and Neville Brody. Each incorporate some outstanding typography into their work.

I like the neville brody stuff very much.

not that I know anything about this sort of thing.
Never heard of him, but... hijack away! I fully support most thread hijackings, especially of my own threads. It makes things interesting.

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