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Here's one that doesn't appear in the database:

Dogtown 1, edited by Paul Hartnett (Albuquerque: Dogtown, 1972)
Stapled mimeographed sheets, one hundred copies printed.

uncollected poem:


I find a subtle depth in his early stuff which became solid
in the stuff he wrote later.

This is just amazing, Jason.
I could almost smell the aged paper.

Thanks heaps.
Good one (adding it to the new database).

It's crazy to think of the work involved in putting out a mimeo mag only 35 years ago. Now you can put together a perfect bound, glossy cover book or magazine without ever touching a typewriter, paper, stencils, plates, ink, staples...

Most of those things (and the people who operated and sold them) were pushed straight into the museum relatively over night by these boxes we're typing into now. Amazing.

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