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Just fininished reading World War Z - I still wonder where all the North Koreans went.
I really need to read WWZ. I got it from the library, started it, lost it, found it about 2 weeks overdue, and returned it. Someday.
Its a fast read, easy in a day. If you read between the lines its enlightening -- I understand its also going to be a movie which will probably screw up its real meaning.

And if you don't want to read between the lines its a great zombie story. I like zombies, mankind eating itself.
I'm about half-way through and I'm enjoying it so far. I really wanted to like it anyway because I love Mel Brooks (I know that's a bit daft) but it's a cracking good read in any case. The bit on the blurb that commends the author for the detail is spot on.
Hi Bruno -

Noticed one of your royals spent a night on the street with homeless teenagers -- I would say copycat, but I have not done my 3 nights yet.

I friend on mine invited me to a "real" English pub here in Southern California -- called the Ship in Fullerton. Going to have a half and half there in about 4 hours.

Thanks for the response and good reading.

I love Mel Brooks also.
The audio book also looks interesting. Even though it it abridged, Mark Hamill is in it and he's one of my favorite voice actors (see Batman The Animated Series). But I'll try the BOOK book again first and then dig up the audio for a long drive...

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