'Me and Bukowski' - series from 'Free Thought' (1 Viewer)

Attached are the first 3 of the series.
Does anyone know, if there had been any more?



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Those are the first three, which were FreeThought Flyers #10, #11 and #13. There's at least one more, which is FreeThought Flyer #18. This one of mine doesn't have an envelope like the first three; I don't know if it originally did.







#5 is Dear Neeli: Will You Send a Poem? by Neeli Cherkovski, which I do not have. I don't know if there are more.
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Well, in light of that, if you'd prefer to take the scans down, I'd have no problem with that. Then again, Roy Estrada, bassist for the original Mothers, was convicted of something similar and that material is still commercially available. I didn't mean to stir the pot, as it were. I had some vague recollection that Thomas wasn't the greatest guy on Earth, but...well your link speaks for itself.


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I don't want to take anything down.

There's a thing that happens though, when people do really awful things but they're well known for something else - everyone just chooses not to mention what they've done. It's better to just forget it. Boys will be boys. It's how Casey Affleck got an Oscar (and thousands of Hollywood executives still have jobs) and how Trump got to be president (and thousands of politicians still have jobs), and how millions of other men - who aren't well known for anything - just carry on and are not held accountable. Or if they are hauled in to court, they are slapped on the wrist with a wink by a male judge and sent off to pick up trash on the freeway for a weekend.

People do these awful things and everyone shrugs or doesn't want to talk about it (well, they certainly talked about it in Trump's case, but you get the idea), and then before you know it, everyone "forgets" the assaults, the rapes, the general scumminesss of the person, and all's well that ends well! You know, except for all of their victims. It's not usually all's well that ends well for them.

Just trying to avoid that in this case. ;)

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