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My friend, the painter Richard Wientzek has made a painting of me and my pal Bogdan (who helps me with the bukshop) with Bukowski as a silent drinker among us (note: even though Buk is there only on a poster, we've poured him a drink on the table).


(click to enlarge)

I wanted to share, since I'm proud as hell.
Hope you enjoy.
Thanks a lot, buddies!
I'm so glad you like it too.

You guys seem two mad poets from last century

or maybe something like that, eh?


('Life of the Boheme' by Aki Kaurismäki)

... went to his site, wish i could read; does he have an english translation?

I fear he doesn't have an English/International version right now. Which is a real pity since this guy makes a living out of his paintings and has so much humor/irony in them.
But you can see some of his paintings and click the 'lens' to get bigger versions of them.

Which one are you? And what is the title of the book on the table?

I'm at the right.

The book - I really could kill that guy for it! - says on the title: 'Karl Marx: Das Kapital'.

the story behind:
We wanted to have a book of that series in it and placed it for the sitting: These small yellow books are from a german publisher named 'reclam' and are THE STANDARD editions to be used for school-lecture.
They're cheap and always [ <- click! ] have this look and really Every student in Germany knows them.
They have about Every work of world-literature in their program. I'd like to see Buk at their house.

But really, I am mad at Richard to chose this title for the painting! He did it as a joke, since Bogdan and me are running this shop dedicated to Bukowski and the painting is called (ironically): 'The Business Partners' (we've been talking about that before and thought it's a funny turn - also to paint us with not-so-happy-faces and all.) But I fear, for somebody who doesn't know us, the title could be mistaken as not being irony but an ideological statement.

Anyway. It's a true 'Wientzek', and I told him to make 'a true Wientzek'.
that's part of his style.
Intermixing classical technique with modern things. seriousness with irony. a landscape with sundown - but it's a muddy acre and it's raining, instead of being romantic. etc.
Wow, that's a way cool painting, Roni! I love the composition with the pic of Buk between you guys. It's almost as if he sat at the table with you.
You've now been immortalized, Roni! :)
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... do bars in Germany always serve white wine in three different glasses; none of which is a wine glass?

the setting isn't a bar, but at home. The drink isn't wine but homemade Romanian booze (called 'Tuica') as Bogdan is of Romanian origin. We've chosen different glasses to stretch the 'Boheme'-touch of not having a complete set of glasses. Besides - it was a nice way for Richard to work on the different ways, light breaks through a glass.

I wouldn't call it "super realistic" even though it gets close. Some of his main-influences are the old Baroque-painters from the Netherlands. (see how he handles the distribution of light or the textures.)
This is fucking great!

But am I the only one who can't open the making-of-links? It seems they are not working (for me)

* Edit: Just noticed the USB-stick. Hehe. Very good.
Great painting...on all counts. Anyone who would find narrative issues/inconsistincies with it is missing the point. Bravo.
How big is it? (because size does matter).
it's several numbers. Looks like we made a calculation on it - and from the looks in our faces one can decide, we didn't like the result.
Yes, a very beautiful painting. I perfectly recognize you (thanks to all the pics you're posting here and there :D ). But what's going wrong ? Why that moody face ?

I've not seen that Kaurismäki one but Henry Murger's book is on my summer list. ;)
Shakespeare never painted this

Terrific painting - beautiful - and I've always loved Montfort's photograph of Bukowski taken in Germany, from Shakespeare Never Did This... If the paintingever becomes available as a poster, I'd get one fasterthanthis: It captures perfectly Bukowski and the marvelous spell he casts upon his readers... It reminds me of a renaissance painting come to life in today's world - something old world about it that brings soul and satisfaction to the heart, and has lasting, classic appeal. Well done.
SMEAR, I just had a quick look at your paintings. very nice stuff. Basquiat an influence?
The 4 artists that have influenced me the most are: Basquiat, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly....there are more, but those are the most profound.

SMEAR, I just had a quick look at your paintings. very nice stuff. Basquiat an influence?
I just skulked around your website real quick. I dig your art pieces...that Ralph Steadman style drawing really caught my attention. Good job.

If you find yourself in Southern Cali any time soon...stop by my Museum exhibit.;opening=3364
Wietzek-book out now

note: this is NOT an advertisment. I'm just trying to be useful and help people with opportunities.

My friend, the painter Richard Wientzek will have his first cataloque out next week.

Haven't seen it yet. But he ensured me, the Bukowski-pic is in it. According to official release-info, it has 101 color pictures, 74 pages and format is 25x21cm. The price will be 15,- EUR (approx 22.- USD).

I sure as hell will buy a couple. And I'm pretty sure, he will make me a special price. (I think 12,- EUR would be fair to both of us.) So, if anyone is interested: Here's the chance to get the first cataloque/book on Richard Wientzek - signed and dedicated (I'll make that sure).

Please don't forget, there's shipping cost too. But I won't charge more than the real cost. Maybe I can send the whole bulk to one of the US-members and they will deliver from there, if that's any cheaper.

Also, though the book will be officially available for everybody for some time (it'll have an ISBN), my offer here goes not for ever. If you want me to do it for you, having it signed and dedicated, you'll have to decide till about next week.

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