Measurements From the Creation Coffin:

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  1. This is from 1972, vol. 1, no. 1 of Bachy, a perfect bound mag/book put out by Papa Bach bookstore in Los Angeles. Bachy was short lived, and this poem has not been published anywhere else.

    Measurements From the Creation Coffin:

    the ability to suffer and endure -
    that's nobility, friend -
    the ability to suffer and endure
    for an idea, a feeling, a way -
    the ability to suffer and endure
    that's art, my friend -
    the ability to suffer and endure
    when a love ends -
    that's hell, old friend...
    nobility, art and hell,
    let's talk about art a while:

    promulgation of my attitudes
    like stilts walking centuries
    beeswax for brains
    destiny is my crippled daughter
    look here, it's difficult
    me against them
    with them
    Kafka let me in
    Hemingway beware
    Hegel you're funny
    Cervantes you mean you wrote that
    novel at the age of

    writers are indecent people
    they live unfairly
    saving the main part for paper

    jesus christ would have been
    a duller writer than Theodore Dreiser
    jesus christ would have been a
    very lousy writer

    the beard and hair fit
    but he was too good at
    conversations and

    a good human being may save the world
    so the bastards can keep creating art
    if you read this after I am long dead
    it means I made it
    it's your turn now
    to misuse your wife
    abuse your children
    love thyself
    live off the funds of others
    dislike all art created before and
    during your time,
    and dislike or even hate humanity
    singly or en mass

    bastard, if you read this after I am long dead
    shove me out of here. I
    probably wasn't that
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  2. cool, thanks, though I should confess I have a copy of all the Bachy issues :eek: In fact, mjp, if you're planning on buying old zines on ebay or something, drop me a line before if you want to have a preview of the real content. It might help you to discard some bad stuff B pub. now and then!
  3. Thanks. I don't usually buy magazines. I can't remember why I picked this up. It came with another issue that has a Linda King poem about Bukowski.
  4. well, actually I don't have the Bachy zines -or any other, for that matter- I only have copies of the poems B published there.
  5. This is apropos of nothing, but I was wondering - how are all of your copies arranged? Are they in a file cabinet, a cardboard box, a gunny sack?? I picture you wading into a storage room full of paper in huge piles and coming out with these things...heh.
  6. where is this linda king poem?
    we wanna read!!
    in other hand, in born into this we can see 2 lindas: king and lee, but when they were young... I prefer lee, only the young lee...
    do you?
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  8. This one showed up in The People Look Like Flowers At Last. Seems like they might have put that collection together from forum posts here. ;)

    Oh, wait, no, that was a previously undiscovered box of magazines in the rafters of the garage. Sure.
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