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I was the art director of Open City for most of the issues. I had the privilege of meeting with Bukowski when he came into the Open City office with his newest Notes of a Dirty Old Man, I would read his copy and then take it upstairs to be typeset by Chris Bunch on an IBM Selectric and most of the time I would do some sort of collage representing what I found in the copy. I meet Bukowski the first time when I went to visit Bob Garcia who was managing editor of the paper. We were sitting in his apartment listening to music getting high and drinking beer, Bob had the best taste in music, when Bukowski came in joining us. We were all feeling pretty good and Bob asked Bukowski to read from Crucifix In God's Hand, I was completely overwhelmed. Open City at that time was being put together an apartment building on Carlson in Hollywood Bob lived next door. When Bukowski said he had to deliver his copy for the newspaper I was introduced to John Brian, publisher and editor and Joan Brian. Joan was the art director at that time doing most of the work herself. From then on every week Tuesdays and Wednesdays I would be there helping with the paper we eventually moved to an office on Melrose and for a while I rented a garage converted into an apartment behind the apartment building on Carlson next to a house where Joan and John lived.

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