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a small press putting out eBooks (right now, with print in its possible future) has released its first few titles by small press folks like Doug Draime, JA Tyler, Alan Catlin, Joseph Ridgewell and a chump named Cunningham. short stories for $0.99, and you can get em at

I put this here since print (paper)=press, amirite?

mjp, I could use your feedback also. please advise if I suck/do not suck. I am seriously thinking about becoming a writer garbageman and need some practical guidance.
That's a pretty solid line-up there...good stuff. Though a bit of a sausage-fest...they need some ladies.
looks like mendicant finally got themselves a lady, per your request, Ms. McCreesh...

good one, cunningham...

yeah, right?


(congrats, seriously)
[so ... it's okay to announce non material books here? ... I've been wondering because I went and ... nevermind. I was going to say "see what you made me do?" but, nevermind ...]
Ah ... that makes sense. I probably would have figured that out myself, given enough time, if I'd have know where I was. I have a bad habit of responding to threads without looking to see what forum they're in. Related to my habit of not knowing what street I'm driving down in the town I've lived in half my life.
Yank it if it offends anyone's sensibilities.

Or we could make a big ePile, and have an eBook Burning...
Question for our resident chemist/scientist: is it possible to burn electrons (or whatever it is we are seeing in ebooks. Light created by electricity?) And if so, what does that smell like? Is there any ash?

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