Merry Christmas !!! (1 Viewer)

Thanks Richard. Seasons Greetings to all! :D
Happy Happy!! Joy Joy!!

[Sorry, I had to edit this...someone replaced the Ren & Stimpy image with goatse. - mjp]

With apologies to Sam Cherry.

And Bukowski.

And everyone else who looks at it.

Father Luke and I celebrate on January 7th.

A Glorious and Secular Bukowski New Year to all Buksters throughout the Planet Earth, and Beyond!

I'm involved in a sanctuary program for persecuted migrants in New York City.

Remember, when you see a so-called "illegal alien", you're looking at your parents, or grandparents, or great grandparents.

Charles Bukowski - IMMIGRANT!

And watch out for falling Christmas trees and their hot burning lights.
A dishevelled looking Father Luke on his way back to the gang's "hideout"?

Veseleih Svyat (13 more days).
Shane McGowan 50 years old today Dec 25

Shane when he still had teeth...

Happy Birthday Shane.
Happy Christmas everyone.

- -
Father Luke
Shane MacGowan should be the poster boy for the "evils of alcohol." Incredibly talented but so addled he barely functions anymore.
[Sorry, I had to edit this...someone replaced the Ren & Stimpy image with goatse. - mjp]

I had to look goatse up. I thought it was a typo, like you meant to say "someone replaced the Ren & Stimpy image with goats."
like goats are offensive.
well, some are. billy, I'm looking at you...
i was subjected to this on another messageboard; also "two girls one cup". more interesting than the actual video of it is the youtube 'response' videos - people being filmed while watching it. one guy started gagging.

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