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Merry Christmas (1 Viewer)


It looks like Hank signed this, but all else was done by Linda. Really, with married couples, this is often the case. I think that in earlier years, the same was true...

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that was sort of my initial point...
this x-mas card is ALL Linda, right?
it's strange how close their handwriting and drawing styles are.... hmmm...


The word "Hank" looks lik Buk's signature. I have seen that exact signature on book that I know were signed by him and not Linda. Yes, otherwise, it all seems to be Linda...



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My guess is that Linda wrote the message and Hank signed and drew the figures. Just instinct. I haven't compared it to any other examples.

Seeing this item gave me the chills. Merry Christmas, indeed.


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I think it looks like he at least did the drawing of the man. The drawing of the woman might be Linda's...
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Sry Man rethink, actualy there are only 2 with the man - same period as the card and both signed by Buk also.... some of the others from Linda, discussing Buk's health have only the drawing of the woman.... maybe they signed and doodled individually... wow never thought of that before....


"The law is wrong; I am right"
Yeah, that was what I thought from the beginning, because the drawing of the man sure looks like Buk. So maybe they did draw them individually. It looks like it...
no BUK

The more I look at it, I don't think BUK had any part of this card...
The handwriting/signature is the same the whole way through, plus the drawings are by the same person.
Bukowski was ILL at this time, I really believe LINDA completed the whole card, and there's obviously nothing wrong with that, I just don't think it was LISTED properly (as being by BUK)

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