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    DX: You have a Charles Bukowski theme going on with the new record. Are there other literary influences that inspire your work?
    DOOM: No doubt. In the case of Operation Doomsday, at that time I was reading the Sidney Sheldon novel The Doomsday Conspiracy. Just by reading science fiction and those kind of things they get my mind in a creative mode. If I see the story took a strange direction, it gets me to thinking, "Wow, my shit I can take a twist there." I just think it kinda broadens things. I always read a book when I'm doing a record. When I get stuck it gets my stuff going. Bukowski was for this record. I'm reading the Bukowski shit and getting into that dude and his plight and his whole mission as a writer. I watched a documentary [about] that dude [called Born Into This]. He really inspired me, just from how he just did his craft without worrying about [standards]. There's no standards to what we do, we just do it. Born Like This, that's why I chose that as the title. Writers are born and we're not doing it like, "Yeah I think I'll be a writer today." We can't help it. If I had another job, if I was a gardener or a city worker, I would still be writing rhymes and doing my little thing. I'm just blessed to be able to do it for a living.
  2. Problem with New MF Doom stuff is that it all sounds like old MF Doom stuff to the point that i had to ask if what i was listining to was his new album or some old B Sides that had been released.

    Nice to see he cares about Buk though..
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    Yeah, thanks dude.
  4. baha this is bliss
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  6. DOOM doesn't have a problem. Sometimes he recycles his beats, but lyrically, its brand new and top notch. Probably his best since "Vaudeville Villian"

  7. Yes, it's all very new and exciting! Doom has reinvigorated not only a lagging music industry, but also a bankrupt, dying musical genre. He is a hero and should be applauded.

    (Sorry, he's standing right here behind me and he's got a knife at my throat. Normally I would just knock it out of his hand and slap him until he started crying and left, but it's early and I'm still tired. And he cooked breakfast, so what can I do?)
  8. Was it a "Punk" breakfast?
  9. No. The fool don't have a punk bone in his body, yo.
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    Do you think you could wear a mask like that all of the time? How about a bucket on you head?
  11. I've been wearing a mask for 40 years. As for a bucket, well, that's just stupid.

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