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I saw the first 45 minutes of This Is It last night, and I have to admit that I was very surprised. Jackson was very involved in, and concerned with, the music. Everything I read about that show seemed to suggest that he was sleepwalking through the rehearsals, but if you can go by the stuff they showed in the movie (which was cherry picked, of course), that wasn't the case at all. He was obviously not the dancer that he once was, but dancing is for Broadway shows anyway, not music concerts, so I was mainly watching and listening to what went on with the music.

A tight motherfucking band too, as you'd probably expect. Not as slick and dead as I would have thought. They were slick, I guess they had to be, but there was a spark there, and they could be pretty heavy and bootylicious (not to be confused with Bootsylicious, which only Bootsy Collins can be).

I started watching it expecting to see something pathetic and horrible, but I didn't get that. Of course I didn't watch it all, and I suspect that if I sat through all two hours of it I might have come away with a different opinion.

So I suppose I am recommending the first 45 minutes of This Is It. After that you're on your own.

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i heard he was gonna cover this but didn't think he could do it justice -



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No, your post was correct, I just missed that particular jam, having not hung in for the whole MJ show.

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is much more representative of K.C. and The Sunshine Band but I must admit I would like to see This Is It. Michael Jackson did sing and dance better than most and I admit I like some of his music. Besides I've spent more than 45 mins. of my life rubber necking at auto accidents domestic fights by the neighbors.
True, he was a great song and dance man but if he'd moon-danced himself in to your youngest ones pants you might tweet a different tune. Jackson gets reserve because he's black. As a white I do get tired of the double-standard.


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Jackson gets reserve because he's black.
Huh? He was whiter than that kid in the movie Powder.

Not sure what you mean by "reserve" anyway.

MJ was a reprehensible, predatory creep. Like a lot of musicians (and writers and artists). I was just commenting that it surprised me to see him behaving like a musician in the movie. I wouldn't have thought he would give a crap at that point. "Just make it sound like the record. I'm going to get high." But he did seem to care about the music, which kept me watching. For 45 minutes, anyway.

The global outpouring of grief when he finally overdosed was a mystery to me, what with his only marginally interesting years being well over two decades in the past. That would seem to indicate that the world doesn't really care if you crave and consume pre-adolescent cock, as long as you can write a snappy pop tune and dance like an anorexic Broadway rent boy.


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Well hey, I enjoyed it in the comfort of my own home a few months ago. I really wanted to see it in the theaters, but never did. Anyway tomorrow is one year since he died, right? So I'm mixing up a MJ greatest hits CD right now, to give to all my co-workers tomorrow. They already think I'm nuts, so this will just prove them even more right!

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