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Michael Montfort original Bukowski photo prints (1 Viewer)


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I tried to pimp these here on the forum as an exclusive, but there hasn't been much interest and I want to move them out, so they're on eBay now.





Ha. Well, if they were mine I'd do $0.01 auctions, but they belong to someone else.

I offered them here for $75 I believe, at first. Then $100. As you can see, my strategy is to keep raising the price. But I'll say it's a mystery to me that they weren't all snapped up the first week they were offered here. Two prints from Montfort's negatives for $75? I've seen people pay $15 for just that postcard.

Oh well, they're out in the world now.
A little less than two days left on this auction.

I only mention that because this is the last time I will try to sell these. So if you've been waiting, procrastinating or percolating, make a move.

Because when they're gone...


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