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Did not sell/NFS Michael Montfort photos for sale (1 Viewer)


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This offer is still valid, and a couple of sets are still available. When they're gone I'll update this post.

Almost 20 years ago there was a gallery show of Michael Montfort's Bukowski photographs here in Los Angeles (his first American exhibition). The show was called BUKSHOT. A few years ago, the curator of the show made the special set below available to bukowski.net members and we sold them out.

A few more complete sets have recently become available, so if you missed out when they were originally offered, here's your chance. These are real prints made directly from Montfort's 35mm negatives, not second generation copies or ink jet prints. Included are two different prints that are 5 x 7 inches each, borderless on glossy stock. A postcard for the show (6 x 4.25 inches, in as-new condition). The press release for the show. The press release that you will receive is a copy (which will be sent folded once, as the original is). Everything else is first generation genuine.

Here's what you'll get:
1) 5 x 7 print: Carlton Way, Hollywood, 1982 (shown below)
1) 5 x 7 print: Schwetzingen, Germany 1978 (shown below)
1) Postcard for the show (6" x 4.25" - both sides are shown, but you get one card)
1) Copy of the original press release

This is an unusual chance to purchase prints made directly from Montfort's negatives. The smaller prints look great framed alone or with the card from the show.

The price is $300 (outside of the U.S., $325). If you're interested, PayPal the dough to: [email protected].





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