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I got word from Fred Wright about Michael Monfort. Below is the info:

I thought anyone who was lucky enough 2 know michael (best known as bukowski's photographer & friend) or of his photographs wd like 2 know this even tho it is sad news.

alena, his wife, passed away a few months ago.

michael sold the house in prague & has returned 2 germany.

as many of u know alena was fighting breast cancer & michael suffered a severe stroke then a broken hip.

"he is not doing well but getting along" is the word I rcvd.

anyone wanting his address 2 maybe write & try 2 cheer him up let me know.
Man, sometimes the shit just piles up on you. Sorry to hear that. As if the stroke wasn't bad enough...
I know B didn't like Montfort pictures, but I remember him very fondly -and I hate using this word, "fondly"- but it's true in his case. When I interviewed him at his place in the hills overlooking LA, he refused to be videotaped, but he answered all my questions and explained to me quite a few interesting anecdotes. He was on the verge on crying a few times, especially when he remembered Bukowski's hands trembled so much that he couldn't sign Montfort's books, and Montfort said:
-Hey, Bukowski, don't do it. Please. It's not necessary. Don't sign them.
And B replied:
-Come on, Michael, you know I can.

And Montfort then explained to me how Bukowski, slowly and painfully, signed all the books for him.

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