Mickey Rourke - still playing Hank?

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  1. Mickey Rourke arrested in Fla. on DUI

    A scooter-riding Mickey Rourke was arrested Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence. Rourke, star of "Sin City," "Diner" and "9 1/2 Weeks," was arrested at 4:20 a.m. and booked at the Miami-Dade County Jail, said Janelle Hall, a jail spokeswoman. He was released on a $1,000 bond, she said.

    A telephone message left at the office of Rourke's agent wasn't immediately returned.

    A Miami Beach Police report said Rourke made a U-turn with a red light and then swerved several times while on a green scooter. He had a flushed face and bloodshot, watery eyes, his speech was slurred, and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, the report said.

    "I'm not drunk, I didn't even drink that much," the report quoted Rourke as saying.

    Rourke, 51, allegedly failed field-sobriety tests before being taken to headquarters. He also failed an alcohol breath test, police said.

  2. he's looking more and more like HAnk....

    Also, nice that the article did NOT mention that he was in Barfly, seeing as it had NOTHING to do with drinking.... pffffff...

  3. A sccoter!?
    A fucking Scooter?!
    You gotti be kidding me
  4. I hope it was a Vespa GS160
  5. They should have arrested him for that facial hair.
  6. And to think I considered him a good actor in the early 80's...
  7. he was good in Rumble Fish, but beyond that...who knows.

    wasn't he one of that motorcycle bunch around LA that Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols used to hang around with ?

    lock the fucker up, that's what I say.
  8. he was a good actor in the early 80's...
  9. he came out of that Hollywood book sounding strange...something about towels in the bathroom.
  10. dude, he's badass in Sin City. He's gonna be badass in Sin City 2. what are you guys talking about? Rourke is a great actor. havent you seen Spun? He plays a crystal meth cook. its a really great film. he's had lots of good roles. EVER SEEN ANGEL HEART? He's got creds.
  11. I saw Angel Heart about a million years ago. For some inexplicable reason it isn't Mickey Rourke's performance I remember though...
  12. hank solo

    hank solo Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights Vice President First 9 Reaper Crew ROAD CAPTAIN Unholy Ones

    Lisa Bonet as Epiphany Proudfoot perhaps?
  13. Hmm...yes, that must be it! ;)
  14. Ponder

    Ponder "So fuck Doubleday Doran" Live to Ride ROAD CAPTAIN

    I'm still pondering about this scene in Hollywood.
  15. I'll never forget the thrill of seeing Lisa Bonet on the big screen doing her "thing". I was 16 and BLOWN AWAY!!! Great movie overall.
  16. And I ask: a good actor cant' be a drunk person? A good actor must be sober, wear correctly, drive nice cars and never have business with the police? Is that your idea about a good actor? If that is what you mean, bukowski was a a bad writer then.
    Rourke is a good actor, his role in Sin City is the best of the movie and his perfomance in Rumble Fish, Johnny Handosme and Barfly was very high.
  17. I agree that he was very good in Sin City, but I can also argue that Christopher Walken was very good in Pulp Fiction, but it was not for his great world-class acting, but for his odd personality that came through very well for the part. Mickey Rourke did a much better acting job in Barfly or Angel Heart than he did in Sin City, but that is my opinion. He was also a world class drunk when he shot both of those, so I don't think that alcohol prevents him from being a talented actor. Being a drunk was never the reason given for cirerita or my saying that he was a good actor in the 80's. I'm not sure that we mentioned being a drunk as prohibiting being a great actor at all.

    The truth is that good actor or not, he is a plastic surgery disaster, looking like he is wearing a Mickey Rourke Halloween mask. He is a sad mess and it probably has much more to do with his own vanity than his alcoholism...

    And Bukowski never had plastic surgery....

  18. Mickey Rourke owns a couple of Carol's early paintings, and I always wonder if they still hang around somewhere or are in storage. Or sold to pay plastic surgery bills.

    Once you put your hard work out there, I guess anything can happen to it...
  19. mickey rourke looks like mike myers from halloween :confused:
    but he did a hell of a job in barfly.
    he was a sex god then. my goodness. funny that a person with a beat up eye, greasy hair and a strange potbelly should still look so damn good.

    what happened to him.
  20. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    If you read the rest of this thread you'd know he's very busy having his face hacked. He did a good job in Barfly if you like Popeye the Sailor man. He was okay.
  21. ive heard. about the botox and all that. i really question why. WHY. he could have aged to be a decent looking guy. like george clooney or something!

    lol he was a bit out there in barfly, i agree, and objectively judging, matt dillon was a lot better and truer to the role. but for unexplained reasons ill always prefer mickey rourke.
  22. [​IMG]


    He was a great actor. I just watched Nine 1/2 Weeks again the other day, and he did a fucking amazing job in that, even. He really gets the characters and adds this intensity of his.

    By the way, he used to look like this:


    Let us not forget... I choose to remember him this way. Often.
  23. lol. thats the ONLY way i remember him ;)
  24. d gray

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    i think he's great but that dummy became a professional boxer in the 90's and got his face totally rearranged - here's from wiki about it - "he received a number of injuries, including a broken nose, toe, ribs, a split tongue, and a compressed cheekbone"...bad idea Mickey...
  25. welcome to fight club ...
  26. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    Mickey Rourke gets leading role after many years. His on screen girlfriend Marisa Tomei- a stripper.
    The Wrestler He mention being in therapy for 13 years. It will be interesting to see how this movie does.
  27. funny. she was acting in 'factotum'.
  28. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    That's the point.

    I hope this movie is good, but it is about a wrestler.
  29. Mickey...

    Is it weird that Bukowski HATED Mickey Mouse, but the guy that played him in a movie was named Mickey?? This had to fuck with his head at some point, I mean the guy was a master at making conections. I would have to think that it was something that crossed his mind at least early on :)CRB
  30. No, they told him his name was Jack Bledsoe.

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