Mickey Rourke - still playing Hank?

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  1. Similar, but slightly different report:

    A controversy over Rourke's political beliefs also developed when he claimed that he had donated part of his salary from the 1989 film, Francesco, to the PIRA Provisional Irish Republican Army [although he later backed away from that statement and was never banned from entering the UK]. In 2006 Rourke voiced support for the Republican US President George W. Bush.


    Maybe he should be banned for the second, 2006, bit. ;)
  2. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    I knew you were going to say that.

    He has turned down some great movie roles like Pulp Fiction and Rainman plus many more. With his history of questionable choices his W Bush choice is no surprise.
  3. Totally agree. Eeeeeeek
  4. NYTimes Magazine Bukowski

    Not sure I've posted this in the right place, but there was an article about Mickey Rourke recently in the New York Times Magazine, but I was surprised the author didn't mention "Barfly." In today's issue, a letter to the editor appeared which points out this lacuna. Here's the letter.

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  5. If you read Hollywood - this will be of interest:

  6. I just saw a piece on M. Rourke/ The Wrestler on E! network(no, not 'me' watching per-say, my Old Man has some weird fascination for this program)- Any-Hoo, they briefly covered his film/boxing carreer. Siteing boxing and the resulting issues as the reason for his 'drop out' of film. They recapped his films, without mentioning Barfly....
    which led me to think about this... when Rourke was cast as Chinaski, a lot of people had issue with it, Bukowski being one of them. But if you look at Rourke NOW, he fits the Bukowski/Chinaski 'look' better than ever! It's weird, like the movie with M. Rourke as lead should have waited until he got his ass & face beat to all hell?...Karma(?)... how seriously DID Rourke ingest the persona of Chinaski?
    Yeah, it's a stretch, but it is interesting to consider. CRB:)
  7. I saw Mickey on the Graham Norton show.

    He talked about the early years of his career; how he thought it was about the craft and found out it was a lot more about the business. He spoke of the ensuing disillusionment and downward spiral leading to the ring.

    Yeah...I'd say in the early years, he had a lot in common with Buk, and most likely has a lot more now.
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  9. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

  10. Rourke "rapped" on a Bowie album in the late '80s. I have it here, hold on........

    "Shining Star" from Never Let Me Down, 1987.

    not a very good song. or album. but I remember liking "Time Will Crawl."
  11. Gerard K H Love

    Gerard K H Love Appreciate your friends Men of Mayhem

    Is it this one from 1987?
  12. that's it.
  13. I had a huge thing for him. I found out he owned a dive bar with his brother in South Beach. Hung out with his brother and he finally showed up. They were crazy fun! We all got really druunk in the middle of the day. He ended up upgrading my hotel room to the penthouse and stayed the night. Unfortunatly he passed out.
  14. It might have saved you a lot of trouble, just saying...
  15. Haaa! But no regrets! I do choose carfully who I tell that I "slept" w/ Mickey "Barfly" Rourke!
    Just one of many fun memories!
  16. Well alright brother, my bad then. Kind of like the first time in prison, don't know the unwritten rules. Now the LA Times ran a dull piece on Musso and Frank the past weekend, and Bukowski's bartender ran the same story he's told time and again of calling him a pimp, but the lazy hack didn't push for a fresh quote. But I ain't linking since I got schooled. And a charming, short clip of Bukowski laughing, embracing two bimbos is running in a segment on 70's van culture. That on a hipster blog of all things ironic.
  17. Tragic.

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