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Second post. Persevering in this losing battle, wearing down more these days. Long time Buk reader, found him twenty years ago by chance (Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame was my first tome). Have supped with the various vintages ever since, off and on he's always been a raft I come back to during flooded times. Flotation-device Buk lightens my heart even when I'm gyrating toward the whirlpools. Anyway, cheers.
I am right there with you, friend. In my happiest and darkest times I always go to him. In a dark spot now but coming out; up late and so happy to be in a place where I can see he does for others what he does for me. No one I know really gets him or wants to put in the time it takes to tackle his work, but the 18 years or so when I found him I held on and never let go. Take care.
Thanks for the replies. Happiness means more after jail, realizing then that all of life is but a cell. Freedom may truly be overrated.
Ronnie, there are some cells better than others, right? Maybe we get more freedom by finding ways to get a roomier cell or a better mate. Everyone lives in some kind of jail because that's being human, but just getting to say what you do here and that we all get it is a happy freedom in a way. My metaphor sucks, I know, but I'm just trying to let you know that individual freedom, whatever that means to someone, is always better in larger quantities than fewer.
Freedom is quantified by time and time is abhorrent--I reckon that is what I meant. These fabrics we're passing through as days are all so many little jails...I do grasp what you're saying.
I get you, absolutely. So many times I find myself wanting to push time forward just to get through something--sadness, work, a break-up--but then later I sometimes find myself regretting being so consumed wasting my time by thinking about it.

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