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The website is not down. It went away. I found it by using the wayback machine and reconstructed it here.

We are just waiting to get it hosted and then it can be updated for the current issue and any bugs (like how the man and links to the left are only on the main page) can be fixed.
Website looks great. Chronic has some serious design savvy.

Are there any issues of Milk #1 anywhere? I saw something about it on another thread that maybe some folks ordered multiples? I could put up $10 for one, but not much more than that, at least not right now.
The site is even better than that.... I know very little about int internets and was able to piece the website together, but some of the finesse is missing. Little things will need to be fixed before it is live.

Yes, Chronic does amazing design.

If not for him, my own website would still look like a free design template offered by aol circa 1999....

mjp is 100% correct. That may make me sound like an ass-kisser, but it is true. ha!

May be worth sending to him for a later issue. The plan that they had was to make this a recurring magazine.

Bill is a prince among thieves and the magazine would never be resurrected if it weren't for his help. We're just wrapping up a few details and we should be going to print soon. We have some very cool things in store for this issue, including a small run of hardback editions.

The website should be fully functional again soon thanks to some help from the MC of the Internet, mjp. I'll keep you posted once everything is back up and running.

Are there any issues of Milk #1 anywhere?
Sorry, I sold out of everything I had within a couple weeks last time.

is that submission info current? Is there time to submit for the upcoming issue?
Issue #2 is closed, but we'll be opening acceptance for submissions to #3 & #4 soon.
Very good to see that Josh didn't let this die on my account. This should have been out two years ago... we were so close to the final edit and layout at the time.

Save me a copy, okay?
[...] didn't let this die on my account.[...] we were so close [...] Save me a copy, okay?
hey chronic, my love!
would this mean, you ain't in the boat again? Would this mean, you're still suffering above average, so you can't brighten up our lives with your radiant powers?

Or are you just holding breath for a minute?
In-hale and ex-hale .... then come out to rule the world. Or so.
I think that Josh will be using the cover art we had originally planned on, but other than that, I'm not involved with this issue.
. . . and of course, this is not the time or place to unveil parts of the mystery.
Maybe somewhere else? For those who care?
The web site will live again, children. Have no fear.
And thanks to mjp, it's now alive again. There are still a few things that need to be ironed out, updated, and restored, but the majority of it is back.

And the submission info is all current from the site?
Yes, [email protected] is still the address for submissions. We'll be opening it up for #3 soon.

Save me a copy, okay?
You know I will, my friend.
MILK #2 is headed to the press and we expect that it will be ready to ship in mid-October.

This issue will be limited to 100 copies in wraps and 15 hardcover copies bound in boards. The price for the wraps version will be $8 and the hardcover versions will be $35. All shipping is already included in the price.

Within the couple of weeks, we will open up for pre-order on the website.

Poets included in this issue are:
Martin P. Abramson
Ernie Culver
Doug Draime
Stephen Hines
Justin Hyde
John Kay
Richard Krech
Lyn Lifshin
Gerald Locklin
Jack Phillips Lowe
Brown Miller
David Pointer
M.P. Powers
William Taylor Jr.
Mark Terrill
Michael Thompson
James Valvis
A.D. Winans

Thanks to all the contributors and to all of our friends who helped make this issue possible. I'll let everyone know once the pre-order opens.
Here are the guts folded and then collated. Covers to be printed next week.


Are you doing the covers letterpress Bill?

A cutting/binding note: if you're using the guy-in-the-chair artwork, the left-most edge of the chair should sit on the fold.

Can't wait to see one of these.
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Cool, but no... not his back... the far left edge of the chair should touch the fold... you'll see that the image cuts off there.
I got it. If anyone is wondering what the cover looks like, it is pretty amazing. This is low res. The letterpress image is super sharp...


Cover art by Chronic. I'll letterpress it in two colors with ridiculously tight registration. The red is NOT printed on top of the orange, so everything has to line up perfectly, which it will...
I received a good portion of the paperback edition from Bill, and those that I had have all shipped out. Now about half of the softcover edition of 100 are still available, and those should be available to ship in the next week or two.The original 15 that we planned for the hardcover edition were sold out before we printed them, so we ended up deciding to make 20 for that edition. I have 2 of those that are still available.

I'll be updating the webpage soon and putting them on sale there. If anyone wants to grab one before I put them on the website, you can just paypal directly to [email protected].

If you want a hardcover, please PM or email me first ([email protected]) before sending any money so that I can confirm with you that they are still available. Thanks.
I meant available to those not on buknet. So I can plug it on my blog, g+, get my wife to plug it on Facebook, etc.

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