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MILK #3/4 will be published soon. It will be a special issue co-edited by Abel Debritto and me, and published by Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press.

We are excited to announce that this issue will contain previously unpublished work by the following poets:

Alexander Adams
Margaret Atwood
Amiri Baraka
Marvin Bell
Rick Benjamin
Robert Bly
George Bowering
Charles Bukowski
Billy Childish
Andrei Codrescu
Billy Collins
Sandra Cisernos
Norman Dubie
Stephen Dunn
Martin Espada
Edward Field
S.A. Griffin
Donald Hall
Jack Hirschman
Erica Jong
Ron Koertge
Ted Kooser
Joanne Kyger
Michael Lally
Ursula Le Guin
Philip Levine
Gerald Locklin
Michael McClure
David Meltzer
William Mohr
Andrew Motion
Carol Muske-Dukes
Joyce Carol Oates
David Ossman
Alicia Ostriker
Rochelle Owens
Robert Pinsky
Doren Robbins
Kay Ryan
Anne Stevenson
Robert Sward
James Tate
Natasha Trethewey
Gary Soto
Fred Wah
Diane Wakoski
Charles Webb
Ruth Weiss
C.D. Wright

More details to follow soon.
I'm wondering, since it's #3 and 4 in one:
how many distinct colors will the cover have?
(you get the point of my question, do you?)
I'm wondering, since it's #3 and 4 in one:
how many distinct colors will the cover have?
(you get the point of my question, do you?)

Not sure I entirely get it, but we haven't quite settled on our cover design for this one yet. Bill has some really cool ideas that we're looking into, so it'll probably be a slightly different format and size from the first 2 issues.
well, issue #1 had a cover in one color.
issue #2 had a cover in two colors.
I assumed, this would've been program and develop a pattern through upcoming issues. Obviously I was wrong.
Ahh, no, you're just much more perceptive than me. There wasn't any pattern intended with it. I'm not that clever, unfortunately.

I think it would have been a pretty hard to maintain that pattern as the issues got higher in number, anyway.
That's an amazing lineup of writers. To whom may I pay and when?
Thanks. I'll post pre-order information here once we get a little closer to publication.
I always wondered if there is a Bukowski-Hirschman-correspondence around somewhere. Bukowski writes about Hirschman in several letters. Obviously he visited Hirschman and his wife for dinner sometime in the 60's.
I'll ask Jack and let you guys now. My guess is that if there was correspondence, it is in a university and Abel would have found it. I am not sure that Jack Keeps a lot around his place.
well, issue #1 had a cover in one color.
issue #2 had a cover in two colors.
I assumed, this would've been program and develop a pattern through upcoming issues. Obviously I was wrong.
The cover has not been set yet. so maybe make it 4 runs of three colors.... ha!

That being said, I am working on an 8 color letterpress print of a FAILE print for my Kerouac book, so once I have done that, 7 runs may be easy. Of course once MILK gets to the double issue 10/11, will be out of my mind...

So, I've exhibited what I consider sufficient decorum by focusing on the fantastic collection of contributors and not asking this right away, but will there be a nice juicy hardcover edition that smells faintly of nutmeg?
looking forward to the solution.
of course, one could argue, two previous cases don't make a series /pattern.
But wouldn't it be cool?
Thanks for dragging this one back to the surface. I would think that many/all of us here are anxiously awaiting this; the nutmeg/turmeric dispute notwithstanding.
is this actually for sale yet? I sent a PM but never heard anything (which is fine) but I want one and I don't want to have to steal a copy out of someone's sandwich box.
uuh-o! The combination of both these recent posts doesn't sound right to me.
not at all.
is anybody here in deeper contact with him?
I hate to do this in an open forum, maybe he'll see this. Still cannot reach him. I too am worried. I just left another phone message and emailed him. I found another possible phone number for him and will try that tomorrow if I don't hear from him. May be too late in the evening to call tonight.
No luck at that other number. If anyone has any other way to get a hold of him, please let me know. I found a phone number on the whois for the milk website. That is someone else's number now. I called and they texted back saying that they were driving. I sent a text saying that I show this as the number for Josh and that I needed to get a hold of him and they never replied. Also, tried the cell that I had (left two messages over the last month) and email. Have not tried the email. If is is a yahoo address, then I tried that too.
I will keep trying to get in touch with him, but at this point the project is moving ahead. It has been a long time and Josh and Abel worked hard too hard on this to keep delaying it. Here are some low-res pics. The cover will be letterpress printed in two colors from a design by Chronic. The insides are digitally printed. The book will measure 8.5" x 11" and is 54 pages. Hardcovers will be quarter-bound in cloth. Most of these poems are previously unpublished. The Bukowski poem is "My First Fax Poem", which is not only an amazing short poem, but is most likely the last poem that he ever wrote. Written in the hopital and sent to John Martin via fax a couple weeks before he passed away. Quite the double issue here. This issue dedicated to Amiri Baraka and Charles Bukowski. I'm proud that they all brought me on-board.​
milk_3 and 4 cover copy.jpg
milk 34 title page copy.jpg
I have set up a special PayPal account for this book only. That PayPal account is [email protected]. The funds (above the printing/binding costs) will be set aside until we are able to reach him.

Paperback Edition, $12, plus $2 shipping in the US
Paperback Edition, $12, plus $7 shipping Worldwide

Hardcover Edition, $40, plus $3 shipping in the US
Hardcover Edition, $40, Plus $9 shipping worldwide

Please let me know if any of the links don't work. If you are buying more than one edition, or more than one copy, please email me at [email protected] and I'll send an invoice. I don't want to charge anything more than it costs to mail these. I will also post this on Facebook, so these may go fast. Both of the last to issues sold out very fast.

Just heard from Josh via text. All is well. Seems to be having email problems, etc. I wanted to put your minds at ease as soon as I heard. Worried that Roni would board a plane and roam the streets of LA knocking on the doors of all 47 people named Josh Johnson in LA like Arnold looking for Sarah Connor...

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