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Art should be its own hammer.
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but, as we all know, Bukowski was in his prime at 50. maybe mjp has some of that mojo.

happy birthday.
was he keeping that quiet?

Happy Birthday, old fart!

Thank you, thank you.

Not keeping it quiet, just not drawing attention to it. I'm not a big birthday type. I don't see the point once you're older than, oh, I don't know, seven. ;)

Having said that, I'm ditching work early and Carol is taking me out for a swanky steak dinner in Pasadena. So it's not all bad, this birthday stuff.
This morning I was trying to remember what was important about the 4th of Feb.

Happy Birthday. So when you have that big steak don't worry about the cholesterol or the fats, yeah right. Make sure and wash it down with some hearty red wine just like the old man. Enjoy it while you still have your teeth.
Congrats mjp!
Just about time to quit the job and start running this place full time!
Happy Birthday MJP!

Fifty years old! Why it seams like yesterday that MJP (when he was a Catholic priest) was teaching me,this old altar boy, what it truly meant to be a man.


(I am on acid and sacramental wine).
Happy Birthday MJP!
Enjoy your fifties, although still a babe.
Birthday dinner, ribeye steak in wine sauce.

I have to present truth brutally: when you said you were going to post my "social security number and email" on the net, I sincerely and unequivocally thought you were 18-21. You are 50 years of age? You should be embarrassed.

Now, I know you're furiously working at your next empty threat, and before you send it off, I should let you know that in 21 years, when I am 50, I will still make grammatical errors--but I'll never be that immature.

I don't think Mr. mjp is working on anything but his thick juicy steak and a refreshing beverage or two. You shouldn't take him so seriously but he does have the heart of a 16 year old.
50??? I figured you were about 35. I'm only 11 years older than you! See how far you can slip in 11 years? Enjoy the healthy body and clear mind while you can!
I figured mjp was much younger based on his hipness vs my own utter lack of any hipness. Maybe it's where I live. We're not exactly setting cultural trends here in the Northwest. So, anyway, you come off like a hip 35, mjp, not some almost oldster of 50.
Age has definitely soured me on some aspects of popular culture, so that old cliche is true. Though I think there was a tipping point where people started doing more recycling than creating, so it can't just be old grouches who find fault with this sad, stringy mop they call entertainment.

That being said, things were better in my day!

There you go.

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