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NOTE: The mobile theme is the default now, so this information is outdated.


Are you visiting the forum on a mobile device? Stats say that almost a third of you are, but only 1% of you are using the mobile theme.


You probably didn't even know there was a mobile theme, so I don't blame you. Too much.

To use the mobile theme, just scroll down to the very bottom of any page and click "Bukowski":


From there all you have to do is select the mobile theme and you're good to go:

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I just tried this via Opera on my iPhone 4s with no result.
It says "Bukowski Mobile" down at the bottom.
I click on it.
A message comes up saying "use default style."
No alternatives.
Many sites detect a mobile device an set the style to mobile automatically.
The instructions above are a little outdated. Mobile is the default style now.

I don't know about iPhone, but I just installed Opera on an Android tablet and the mobile style works. It's the normal Opera, not mini or mobile mini.

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