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Mockingbird Wish Me Luck - 1st Printing SC (1 Viewer)

It's just bad timing, but that Review copy of Mockingbird that's out there is the FUCKING tits... I assume it will soon belong to David K...
is it for the same price as mine? i didn't see it after a quick search on ebay, just the hardcover one for $1500. i'll let this run for a few weeks and see if anyone wants it. feel free to make me a reasonable offer on here if you want it but don't want to deal with the auction.

also, in case anyone had any illusions about how popular books are, that bukowski book has 14 views after one day, compared to 128 for the very used messenger bag i'm getting rid of. i wish i had more messenger bags to sell.
I sold a pair of used Persol shades recently that had something like 40 watchers and hundreds of views. I was floored. I guess my worldview is a bit myopic.
I got a near fine copy of a first soft cover of Mockingbird on eBay for $40.00 last year. It was someone from this forum's auction. I held it for a long time until it finally went for $60.00. If you find that sad, on the same day the same person's first edition soft cover of Post Office (also near fine or better) went for less than $55.00. I'm sure he still made a little money on both, but I'd keep your price high. MJP always seems to do OK with signed hardcovers starting low, but sadly first edition soft covers hang on the wind or go very cheap if you start too low. Don't rush it...

By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a near fine soft cover book with cream/white covets that was also equally in danger of being fucked up by sunlight? If you find one, buy one...
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first edition soft covers hang on the wind or go very cheap if you start too low.
In January I sold the paperback first of this title for $70 and The Days Run Away (with the errata slip) for $72. I started both at $0.01. Could they have sold for more if I started higher and re-listed a few times? Maybe. When I list stuff on eBay though I want to sell it, so the one penny thing works for me.

I never remember what I paid for most books (unless they were particularly good or particularly bad deals), so I never feel bad selling them for whatever they bring. I don't really care about losing money, but admittedly I'm not selling because I need money, so it's neither here nor there.

When I was younger and sold things because I needed money, I always got fucked. Of course there was no eBay back then either (long live The Recycler!), so when you got a buyer on the hook you had to take what they were giving. Oh, the guitars I sold...
i think i offered you $100 for that days run away softcover the last time i was in LA and you turned me down...
Reminds me of that famous line of W.C. Fields in "It's a Gift." He holds out for as high a price as possible on the sale of his crappy piece of land. Eventually the prospective buyer says, "You're drunk." Fields replies, "And you're crazy...and tomorrow I'll be sober. And you'll STILL be crazy."
I did sell Ski a mint hardback first edition Factotum for $200 a while back -- like new, never read. He bought it from me off eBay so no 10 percent lost. I seriously made less than $20 on the deal, but I knew once he saw it, he'd have a hard time giving it up. I still have not seen it on eBay, so I think I put it into the right hands.
i figured this was a $100 book, so i thought $90 was a good starting price, but it will likely go unsold. i'll drop the price next week and see if anyone wants it. i'm not dying to get rid of it, to be honest... i just don't have any other black sparrow softcovers, so this one sticks out, and plus, it isn't a particularly strong collection (in my opinion, though i realize that some people LOVE this book, and I don't feel like offending anyone tonight).
okay, it's back up at a lower price, if anyone's interested. however, although it isn't buk related, someone here should pick up the set of "powr mastrs" by CF that i'm auctioning. it may be the best thing i've sold on eBay, and i've never seen another set like it. personally, i think it's worth twice the opening bid, but i need to thin out my collection before it takes over my house.
have i been a member long enough to post a link to my auctions even if no buk is included? if so, they're here.

there's an x-ray books item, which is pretty close to buk... and everything starts at $1, just like MJP likes it.

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