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Two points:
1.) Monika. 'Moni P' came about, because while creating an account;
as 'Monika', I was suspected of being a spam.
(This is somewhat of my Life-story.)
2.) I created an account, in order for my man, to communicate,..with this community.
His account has technical problems.
(This is somewhat of his Life-story.)
[He threatened to not have sex with me for an entire week, if I didn't! What was I to do?]

3.) I,..we will read together and when he has an opinion to express, it will be so expressed.

I, Monika, am a Street Musician, as is my man. We tour through german speaking lands performing two or three days in a town, before driving to the next. Together, we've raised four children, who are now independently struggling on their own. (☺️ Joke)
Charles Bukowski entered our lives through his documented reading, in Hamburg, in the 1980s. His tranlator was a man from Mannheim the town inwhich we began our studies. We talked and met often on Saturday vegetable market and had no idea who Charles Bukowski was.
It is funny, surprising, sometimes sad, yet pleasing how life developes and unfolds. ?
Now I,...we are here. Happily.
'Street Musician'. 'Monika'. often klichees. I am real.


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