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more ebay stuff (bukowski and fante) (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
Chilled Green (again)

Note- I have multiple copies of this, so PM me if you want to make a deal. I'd like to sell them for $30 (including shipping), since that's 40% off of the cheapest copy available on abebooks. or you can take your chances and bid.

Three by Bukowski (hardcover)

4 Novels by Fante (hardcover)
in danish.....
That Chilled Green is nice... Dunno if I can afford it, but you may get a PM at some point.

And I've got the paperback of Three by Buk... My first piece of Buk merch. I like it. But not quite enough for the HC right yet. Thanks for the update though!
selling them directly

3 by bukowski (hardcover): $75 (incl. free shipping).

the story with this is that i just got a copy from jason because i thought it was a good price... but now i have two. so i'm trying to let one go. no one bit on eBay for $99, so i thought i'd drop it down 25% and offer it here. there aren't any on abe (except signed ones), and the softcover, of which there were 1000, range from $25 to $50. so, for one of the 103 hardcovers, i feel like $75 is fair.

PM me if interested.

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