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More inexplicable Scott Harrison "logic" (1 Viewer)


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From an eBay manuscript listing:

Someone pointed out to me many months ago that as a unknown, unpublished work they would much prefer to not have the entire poem posted on my listing because then it is available all over the Internet universe and no longer such a special, unique and unknown work. Good point. Owning such a work doesn't mean you can publish it.

Harrison seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth here. He's not going to post images of the entire manuscript because -- why? Because it makes it less "special" or because it's copyright infringement? Which is it?

If he's really concerned with copyright infringement, I can only assume that he has somehow very recently become "born again" where that subject is concerned. I mean, he has "published" more than 1600 Bukowski manuscripts in his eBay auctions over the years, by my rough estimate. Which makes him the world's most prolific Bukowski copyright scofflaw. But what? Now he's found copyright Jesus? What would JESUS say about such unapologetic hypocrisy? I think it's safe to say that he might weep!

And since when is letting people read a previously unknown work a horrible thing? According to Harrison, only people who can afford to buy his expensive manuscripts should read them. Or only people who can gain research access to university collections. In other words, anyone but you, you filthy Internet scum!

I have to wonder sometimes just how far someone like this has to reach to come up with these kind of wrongheaded justifications? How blind and heartless do you have to be? It's one of life's mysteries, for sure.
Now he's found copyright Jesus?

"I don't care if it rains or freezes, as long as I got my copyright Jesus, sitting on the dashboard of my car..."
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is it just my browser(that's what you call it, right?), or does all of scott's ebay listings go horizontally instead of mostly vertical? it makes it a damn pain to read his listings, so i usually don't anymore...

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