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Hey there, have just finished reading Post Office, Factotum and Women. Loved them, the first two definitely, undecided on Women...ruminating. Still though, all up am intrigued, inspired, disgusted...all of which I see as being good things.

I have Pulp in my bag but feel like I should keep going in order which puts Ham on Rye next...thoughts?

Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Definitely Ham on Rye next. Then some of the short stories.

Get into the poetry. Save Pulp for the last after you
have developed a sense of his style.

But do read the Poetry.
Even if you think poetry is for fags.
hey it's my buddy! i wish i could take credit for him getting into bukowski, but i can't - he pretty much found him all on his own. BUT i did tell him about this forum and now here he is!
and didn't i already tell you to read pulp last? it'll just seem dumb, rather than funny, if you don't.
ditto on the poetry. give it a go.
you'll be glad you did. I think.
Welcome to the forum, Boomernz! Yes, wait with Pulp till you've read the other novels. Read the short stories too and try and give the poetry a chance...
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Welcome Boomernz!
For a lot of us poetry is most important thing in Bukowski's art. Try to read it, it's not another boring shit from schools, believe me!
wow, i feel like i already know you! well, at least i feel like i've seen pictures of you (because i have).

Hey guys thanks for comments and ideas, will def follow your advice, although Pulp is glaring at me from my bag and i'm stuck in a foreign town til monday. Shall resist though..somehow. Actually have Watchmen and the Bone People (which couldn't be further from Bukowski) so hopefully they'll keep me going til i get back to Sunny Wellington.

Ruby (weird to call u that) i know u gave me the list but couldn't remember where it was, and yes u can claim some credit because u must have mentioned the name loads of times over the last year and it would've seeped into my consciousness adding to whatever sparked me off into finding out more (an incident of depression i think it was).

And Jordan yeah same, and yeah same on the pictures hopefully will get to meet you in person one day.

Good to meet you all, I have the thoughts and ideas of a non-literary man which i'd love to discuss with you all but will wait til i'm back in Wellington and not on dial up internets.

Thanks again.
it's okay to call me 'justine' - my name is no big secret here :)

DON'T READ PULP YET - seriously. you will not enjoy it at all, right now. bone people is depressing as anything, and pretty disturbing. remind me to give you 'jesus' son' next time i see you.
Welcome to the forum. And I also urge you to give the poetry a shot. I would guess that Buk is the #1 Recommended Poet to people who are indifferent or hostile to poetry in general - not that I'm assuming you are. May I suggest "Dangling In The Tournefortia" or "Burning In Water-Drowning In Flame"

Enjoy !

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