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Hey all,

If you weren't aware, Calonnne will be at City Lights Bookstore on 9/8 for a discussion about More Notes...

Linda King showed up for the Wine-Stained event, spoke, took questions, and had some signed copies of some poetry chapbooks for sale after. I wouldn't be surprised if she was there again.

More Notes... has been available there for a couple weeks now for those lucky enough to be around here. No HB though.

the chick from the Wine Stained shindig who asked Linda what Buk was like in bed made me and my girl just roll our eyes...we'll be there on Thursday to check it was amusing that Calonne recognized me from this site though
if it's in san francisco and bukowski's name is somehow involved, then linda king will definitely be there.
I went to the Harold Norse memorial a couple years back at the Beat Museum and Linda crashed that one too. Made sure she brought up Buk in her tribute. Same with Neeli.

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