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working on the cover for the Bukowski-yearbook 2009 now, I just flipped through lesser known MM-stuff.

Thought I might share some:

[Broken image links.]
The look at what I've bought pic is great, real fun. The other two are good as well. The last one is more like look at what I've done ;-)
Glad you like 'em.
Isn't it funny, seeing him posing as Adonis?

But the cover-pic of the upcoming yearbook will more likely be this ANGRY looking Buk here:
(and some of you know why)

Daisy should really consider publishing a "Bukowski in Pictures" of sorts of her Father's work including all of these unknown photos. Certainly no one took more photos of him and I suspect that we have only seen a very small number of photos. If she found the right publisher (someone like Harper Collins), she could get this in every major bookstore in the world.)

thanks much roni!!! those are indeed wonderful.
in the adonis picture, he's not as flabby as i imagined. he actually, almost, looks in shape! (of course his legs look fabulous.)
That looks like a box of oranges. The it could be liquor and beer in an orange box from a liquor store but liquor stores rarely have shopping carts.
Thanks Roni,

wonderful shots. I am surprised to see that his body looks almost fit.
A hunk...

Yes it would be nice to see all these unknown pictures in a book.
I suppose that LB must approve, would she?
When you straighten this one out, he's really leaning into the stance and shifting his weight back like a power hitter. Contrary to what he always said about playing sports, it looks like he did swing a bat more than a few times (though he seems to be wielding a cane in this shot).

He's protecting the plate (or the hole in the driveway), man! Ha.

Great photo's, Roni! Thanks a lot. If you've got more, don't be shy.

I love his angry face.
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Those are friggin' awesome! At first I thought it was a case of wine, but I think Gerard might have it right with oranges. The baseball pose is priceless! That I would love to have framed up on the living room wall!
Daisy should really consider publishing a "Bukowski in Pictures" of sorts of her Father's work [...]
That would be a nice idea. I'd be happy to work together with her on this or something similar. (maybe a Bukowski-calender?)

Let's see if it happens some day ...

[...] (though he seems to be wielding a cane in this shot).
I too, think, that's a cane.
Maybe something like this, eh?


That looks like a box of oranges. [...] liquor stores rarely have shopping carts.

Damn, you're right!
It looks like Buk did something like shopping for groceries too. What a hell of a man!


Talking about neccessities of everydaylife:


And here's to the wonderful body of our hero:


[...] And I am looking forward for the yearbook.

I too am looking forward to it.
It will have nice things like
- an excerpt from Abel's thesis about Buk's unfinished novels from the 60s.
- the first 3 chapters of the upcoming memoirs by Pamela (cupcakes) Miller.
- an analisis by Robert Sandarg about a story from 'Portions', where he argues with David's interpretation.
and some more.

Till the very moment I was working on putting it together.
But it COULD be, that I'll have to lay it aside again for a while.

The reason:

Today the new catalogue of the well known Bukowski-publisher Zweitausendeins came out. And in the preface to it, the son of the founder, Fabian Reinecke, made a statement about our museum-project in Andernach, asking their customers to support it and referencing to our website.

Yes, that's excellent news!

Our website is a mess!
It still looks more or less exactly like it did 10 years ago.
Today I included raw information on our museum-project in all hurry, just to be prepared the least bit for possible visits from Zweitausendeins-customers.

But that won't do it.
I will have to redo the WHOLE site completely new in order to make it look reputable. And since this catalogue is already out yet, I'll have to do this with PRIORITY A.
So, the yearbook is a bit behind that now.
maybe a Bukowski-calender?

That would be cool, Roni! Maybe you should ask her one day.

Very nice photo's! Thanks a lot! It's always great to see some "new" photo's of Buk. I like the way he poses with that cane.
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"maybe a Bukowski-calender?" - That would be cool, Roni! Maybe you should ask her one day.

I was thinking about this for some time. I'd really like to do this.

Not a calender, dedicated to a special year, that one would (maybe) throw away afterwards (and have to buy a new one for the next year), but a calender-design, that isn't fixed to the weekdays as they fall into a special year.

This way, one could use these pics on their walls over and over again - and still have a reason. Do you guys think, that's a good idea or does it stink?
[...] mainstream [...]

you mean "mainstream" as in
Hanna Montana?

"Mainstream" as in


"Meinstream" as in
using the word FUCK in literature?

Or are we simply talking about
spreading Bukowski's genius
all over the world?
Now THIS is something,
I would sign up for.

if you consider this a poem, because of the line-breaks, please delete.
This way, one could use these pics on their walls over and over again - and still have a reason. Do you guys think, that's a good idea or does it stink?

I think it sounds as a good idea because you can use the calendar year after year. Of course you would have to solve the leap year thing somehow but it should be possible.
Great to see him anew

Thanks for the fine pics em. I say do whatever you feel is right regards the calander thing. Though a calander of Bukowski does sound out of kilter with the mans attitude to me..but what the hell Id probably pick one up if i saw it. As for the mainstream introduction of Mr B who really cares..The mainstream simplifies him to writer of lowlife stories only. Bah to them..
I don't think Hank would personally be a fan of a calender. I don't have one on my wall either. The general idea behind it is more like: A Bukowski-poster-book with 12 pictures.

The 'calender'-thing would only be an add-on for those who like this kinda stuff. There could be some dates pre-marked in the calender. Like August 16, March 9, January 22, August 18, September 7, etc.
True, but after puzzling long and hard all morning, I think I've figured it out.

It's sort of like when you close the refrigerator door... it's a little known fact that the light goes out (I had to climb inside one and close the door to find that one out... luckily, someone came along and let me out before I suffocated).

I think when I leave this page, they all stop clapping and give their arms a break. Am I right???
Yes. When you leave the whole site goes down (as you can see by the way you are often the only one here).
AHA! I suspected as much. The handiwork of that bastard Dick Cheney, no doubt. Ever since he shot me in the face, he's been out to get me.

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