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Where did you get that, from Ira Greene?!


Sorry, if you're new here, I'm just kidding. The signatures are genuine. Inside joke. Click the links.
This is very interesting. I also agree that these signatures are 100% authentic, but I have not seen Black Sparrow do it like this before.

Maybe it was collected by someone after publication?

Still an interesting and authentic book, plus a great read and reference for those interested in Black Sparrow.

mjp, i'm offended you don't know me by now... actually, i wish i had saved the emails i exchanged with ira greene- they were hilarious. i acted like i was a "budding bookplate collector".

i think because this was kind of a landmark book for black sparrow, they went kind of nonconventional on the production (the book is really big for a black sparrow volume). this bookplate, however, is pasted in under the endpaper (which has a square cutout), which means i couldn't have "ira greened" it in there myself.

actually, i got the book from jeff maser.

wow, all this interest... would you perhaps like to BID on it?
I have the bright green spined trade edition, which is of course, not signed. I guess that this is the only BSP title that was done like this. Interesting.
that's why he's buying me gifts: because i have to explain everything to him. he's kinda retarded.

That's a nice trait - helping out the retarded Buk book collectors. Seems like steady employment...:D
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