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In the database section ("Search for poems" link above) click on "Advanced search and lists" and you'll find a link to a new list: Chronological poem checklist for all magazine appearances 1944 - 1999. Titles link back to database results. For your convenience.

There are 1773 poem entries on the list, in 724 different magazines, so you better get busy tracking all of them down. I'll be waiting here to see the scans.

Go on, get going!
One down. (You meant "here" here, right?)

Christ, I'm on holiday. And I need to get some scans done for a guy in Hungary who wants stats for sprint car racing under the AAA from 1945 to 1955. I just wanna do nuttin'.

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Have I thanked you for the database lately? :aerb:
I suppose that applying what you do for a living to something you really care about on an artistic level must waffle between being fantastic and being a total drag. Fortunately, the needle tips toward fantastic often enough, it would appear.
Yes you have, and you're welcome.

I don't really do much technical work at my job anymore. Mainly I write and hang around on the periphery of the marketing department, subverting their work and relentlessly pushing social media onto an office full of people who don't want anything to do with it. Choice work if you can get it. Beats getting your fingers caught between the rollers of a printing press or dodging 20 pound razor-sharp guillotine blades in the bindery.

Most of the technical stuff I do now is for The Bukowski Industrial Complex. Or Carol's site or the mjp Books site. Or one of the dozen other sites that we somehow still manage, years after saying we were going to get rid of them.
the number of poems in the list now is 1877.
That's 104 new entries since the list first went up.
Not so bad for a man who has to do some work for a living, but you still OWE us the complete list of jobs that Bukowski had had (to say nothing of the exact number of Factotum jobs!!!).
Give him a break, he's also been busy promoting my music.

But seriously, it's impressive how someone can keep track of all this. Bukowski had an insane amount of work both published and not.
Is there a Dummies Guide to the database on here? Occasionally I will come across things that I didn't know existed, like the Wormwood page. I bookmark them because I'll never find them again.

This is not a knock to the search on this site because it's pretty damn good. But sometimes if I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll put in a Google search and add at the end and I'll find something that points back here -- Google is scarey good sometimes. > Advanced search and lists

It's not up front and in your face because the things in there aren't relevant to most people, and some of them are really big database queries, which could affect performance if 20 people were hitting them at once.

You can also do a Google search on the main site or the forum from the site:

Though typing whatever you're searching for
into Google does the same thing. That's how I search the site and the forum.
[...] Though typing whatever you're searching for into Google does the same thing
which is, as I've stated here before, the way I ALWAYS FORGET even though I should know it's there.
Can we have a sort of BOLD Roni-is-a-Dummy-forever-button on the top of our search-page doing the trick?

btw, mjp, another thing we'd need (see my liking your post about your latest work above) would be a possibility to like posts twice. >insert well-meant-but-annoying smilie here<
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I've been browsing the Manuscripts section of since mjp informed us that a lot of stuff had been added.
There are quite a few things I've noticed that need checking (I'll get to it later, when I go through the whole bunch), but the most peculiar for me is the fact that there is a 1975 manuscript of a poem that appeared in 1968 book. That's Bet Too Early in the 9th..., that was first published in Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8 Story Window. Now, how did that happen?
Was the poem added in the second edition of the book (1975) or what?
Bet Too Early isn't in that book. That entry should have been Big Bastard With A Sword. Which it is now.

I noticed a couple similar errors in the listings for other early books so I've been going through them and making sure the contents are correct. 8 Story Window was the last early one I had left to do. Now you've done it for me. Everything prior to that should be correct.

There are also some instances where a manuscript of the same name might be attributed to a poem in a book that it couldn't have been from. That's just a duplicate title problem that was part of the original database. There isn't any way to check for those (like most database errors), so I just have to fix them as they come.

It was originally listed as 1968 because it was (incorrectly) included with a 1968 letter to the Webbs. But the manuscript more closely matches a 1965 letter to the Webbs, so it was changed. The link was updated at the time, but somehow it reverted to the 1968 file name somewhere along the line.

That site is a complicated beast.

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