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All these outrageous prices include postage to the U.S. As usual, Eurotrash will have to negotiate an exorbitant shipping price. That's what you get for having stronger currency, bastards.

1987 - Film Comment - August - Interview around Barfly, Mickey Rourke on the cover - one corner is water damaged all the way through the mag (wrinkled, but not discolored). $8

1970 - Evergreen Review, June - Soup, Cosmos and Tears - $18

1982 - High Times, January - Interview - $22

1982 - High Times, November - The Player (fiction) - $18

1990 - ONTHEBUS issue 6/7 - Letters to the Webbs in 1962 - these are the letters from Outsider #3 (the one with Bukowski "outsider of the year" on the cover). If you don't have Outsider #3 this is a good way to get a taste of it. - $9

1991 - ONTHEBUS issue 8/9 - I'll have it to go (uncollected poem), and an essay by Doren Robbins, "Drinking Wine in the Slaughterhouse with Septuagenarian Stew." - $12

1992 - 2002 ONTHEBUS issues 10/11, 12, 13, 14, 15/16, 17/18 - this series of paperback book size literary magazines contains the journal entries that became The Captain Is Out To Lunch And The Sailors Have Taken Over The Ship. They start in 1991 and go through 11/16/92 with the last entry being, "Hello Jack, I don't know if you want any more of these? Hold on, Buk." Contrary to the BSP story, ONTHEBUS editor Jack Grapes is the person responsible for getting Bukowski to keep the journal, and this 10 year run of the magazine is the complete series.

There are some entries in these mags that are not in The Captain, and a few entries in The Captain that are not in these mags. So you really need both to get all the entries. Also, Grapes must have handed these over as a group to Martin after Bukowski died, since Captain came out before Grapes had finished publishing the series. Most issues also contain Bukowski poems. Individual copies of ONTHEBUS are not terribly expensive, but this is a tough set to put together as one issue had a short run.

The set weighs 6 pounds, so I would rather not ship these outside the U.S. - $100

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1983 - The Curse of Lono - 7th printing - used to be hard to get (this would have sold for $150 on eBay a few years ago), but the title was reissued a couple of years ago, so these 80's era editions have become more affordable. $30

1990 - Songs of the Doomed - First edition hardcover - $24

1993 - Hunter - bio, First edition hardcover (remainder stripe across bottom of pages) - $22

1993 - When the Going Gets Weird - bio, first edition paperback - $17

1994 - Better Than Sex - First edition hardcover - $45

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