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yes, ebay makes probably $100,000 a year from this Chinese bootlegger so they will not shut him down. Letting him continue to steal, using ebay's servers, is the same as doing it yourself. If there was any justice, eBay would be served with a letter from the Justice department that they need to shut these known bootleggers down or risk being charged with criminal fraud. You can bet your ass if this was Butterfields selling known forgery after known forgery (and then washing their hands when the buyer complained), they would be shit down.

Maybe the solution is start a class action lawsuit. The problem would be having standing. Until ebay figures out that it costs them more money to protect millionaire frauds they will continue to do it. This is a company that makes a SHITLOAD of money every year from fraud/forgeries/theft. Sure, they cannot police everything. The problem is that when they are shown the proof, they just cover their eyes and ears and hum really loudly...

This artist needs to mobilize his friends to come up with lots and lots of fake accounts and shut every one of his auctions down. He can get his FVF refunded, but not the listing fee. Try to bankrupt him that way...

The seller is here. Ebay could shut him down on the fact that he is lying. He states that these are hand painted original oil paintings. They clearly are photoshop modified stolen images. This means that ebay could shut them down without even having to mess with the copyright issue. They chose to be ignorant as it is more profitable to pretend that you are not a party to a fraud...

ebay could just block all listings from their IP is they cared. These bootleggers hide behind international borders, anomninity, and ebays help in allowing them to continue. They always list the same thing. All ebay has to do is shut down their IP, when they get a new one, shut that down, etc. They will get tired of paying thousands in fees every time ebay shuts them down. For the record, ebay does not refund your listing fee when they shut down your auction. Even if it is their mistake.
eBay keeps coming up with cool gizmos though! Like these auction stats...


I can see the clickthrough rates!

Seriously though, it is interesting to see how many times your item is viewed compared to how many people actually click on it then bid. I don't know. eBay sucks in so many ways, but there is not a better place to get a whole lot of people to see your shit.

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