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I'm Nev - a newbie here and to Bukowski. My frst book im reading of his are a set of poems from 1974 -1977 - Love is a Dog from Hell. i didnt know anything aboutthe guy until i picked up this book in a bookstore in East London and i read a few poems in the shop and i had to buy them.

if anyone could direct me to the best place to discuss these paricular poems then that would be great.

Have a Great Day!
Many many thanks all - it's almost daunting the reading i'll have to do but i'll try not to pressure myself to binge read this mans' work as it will just end up in me being a visceral mess of a fan.

Thanks Philly Dave, Black Swan (the link was so useful), bukfan78, (i will get WOMEN for christmas and read it alongside),mjp & dirtydoh.

now, i'm going to find an appropriate place to post my musings on Tonight...
i'll try not to pressure myself to binge read this mans' work

You're really not going to have much of a chance avoiding a binge read. Anyone he speaks to in the first dozen pages will be scrambling for the next book like Christie at an all you can eat doughnut and graft buffet.
I hear you Damon - i'm rekindling friendships for the sole purpose of getting them to buy me bukowski books for my birthday or for my kindle. I finally get why they called it Kindle.

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