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As a counterbalance to the thread about the most underrated acts, here are my top 10 overrated ones:

1. The Rolling Stones
2. U2
3. Bruce Springsteen
4. Radiohead
5. Pink Floyd
6. Nickelback
7. The Who
8. Metallica
9. Dave Matthews
10. Aerosmith

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Buffett
In no particular order:

Dave Matthews
Courtney Love
Joe "The Six-String Masturbator" Satriani
Green Day

In short, most crowd-pleasers and drama queens.
not in order:

1. rush
2. grateful dead
3. pink floyd
4. muse
5. dave matthews
6. john mayer, james blunt, jason mraz(all the fng same to me)
7. creed
8. nickelback
9. daughtry (or anything else from american idol, cept kelly clarkson, i dig her for some reason)
10. black sabbath(i'm sure some mud will come my way on this one, but i just don't get it? never did and i guess after 30 years of arguing with one of my best friends about how I think led zeppelin wipes their asses with the black sabbath discography, i'll never get it.)
11. flaming lips( i better stop, it's 2:36am and I could go on forever with this list.)
not in order -

1 michael jackson
2 mike jackson
3 m jackson
4 wacko jacko
5 that guy with the glove
6 that guy who's head was on fire
7 that guy who got no nose
8 that guy who molested kids but didn't
9 that guy who did the same dance moves over and over and...
10 radiohead
Again in no particular order
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Sex Pistols
Elton John
Nirvanna and the entire grunge sound.
P Diddy
And for those from Canada The Tragically Hip

Let it be said that I love
Dave Matthews-the guy can play
The Stones cause they are not the Beatles
Green Day-last two cd's
The Who-before the first retirement
Megadeath-cause he hates Metallica
CSNY What a difference adding a Y
Funny thing because yesterday I thought of how overrated Nirvana were. They stole riffs and arrangements from Aerosmith to Killing Joke to The Minutemen. Probably from Jacko and everyone else, too.

Then: Dinosaur Jr.

Every Heavy Metal group because Black Sabbath have already played every single note of Heavy Metal ;)

Leading me to: Slipknot (eeehm, wow! what a band... err, nice masks.)
Marylin Manson
Nine Inch Nails oh of course that's not metal but industrial
eroto rock...? Whatever.
not in order -

1 michael jackson
2 mike jackson
3 m jackson
4 wacko jacko
5 that guy with the glove
6 that guy who's head was on fire
7 that guy who got no nose
8 that guy who molested kids but didn't
9 that guy who did the same dance moves over and over and...
10 radiohead

What my new best friend said.
No way, I just bought Michael Jackson's Thriller picture disc LP today! Hey, it was $13.99 at bestbuy! When did bestbuy start stocking vinyl!
i'm not saying things bands are bad, just overated. no, wait, i'd actually have to say their bad. except i am a fan of the work kanye did on jay z's the blue album.
Well, there is a band I never heard of(Little River Band.) But the Elvis comment, got me thinking. Back in the day when I'd go see koRn 3-4 times a week, they would always start their shows by hitting the lights so the house, bar, club, or hotel ballroom was pitch black and Elvis Presley's "Return To Sender" would play over the speakers very loudly! As crowds grew over a couple of years, people would always seem so dumbfounded when they did this. It often was my favorite part of the show.

Which brings me to say, back in 1993 thru 1996 koRn was underrated, and now in 2010 they are overrated.
Not my thing to conflict with fellow posters here but many mentioned in this thread as being overrated are absurd as hell. Matter of fact this thread sucks. Perhaps there is something intrinsically wrong with popular music that "great music of its day" is deemed overrated by future 'IMO' listeners of popular music. Ask a teenager who Bob Dylan is and don't be surprised if you get that Whatchu talkin bout Willis? look. That 14th step your on with regard to what you like today is built on the 13 steps built by those you regard as 'overrated.' IMO.
little river band?!? where'd you pull that out from?

well, apparently john lennon said "reminiscing" was his favorite song
from the 70's.

unless he was being saracastic.
I bet Slimedog was being sarcastic.

I paid money to see them at the Greek Theatre in 1978 just for my little girlfriend. It sucked right up to the encore at which point they made some sense.
ha ha - i know slimer was being sarcastic. i meant john lennon.

hate to admit it but i saw them in concert as well and i'm pretty sure
it was 78 too.
Greatful Dead
Nickleback (one of the worst bands ever)
Pink Floyd
All radio "hip-hop" (and/or R-n-B)
Green Day
30 seconds to mars
anything that fell off the sweaty back of American Idol
All pop
Rolling Stones
Joan Baez
Creed and any band that uses the Creed "voice"
Pearl Jam
.................................................Oh hell, I don't have time for this.....I have to go flip my Coltrane record.
Tool?... Maybe they're overrated in the US, don't know, but on this side of the ocean I would say they're rather underrated. One of the greatest contemporary bands in my opinion.
1. The Beatles
2. Frank Zappa
3. U2
4. Bob Dylan
5. Cold Play
6. Dire Straits
7. Led Zeppelin
8. Supertramp
9. Deep Purple
10. Nirvana
Hot and cold, Ponder.

Are you just trying to be the devil's advocate?

#s 1, 2, 4 (although I can't stand him), 7, and 10 don't belong on the list Maybe even #3 shouldn't be there. I completely agree 5,6,8 and definitely #9.
I'm completely honest.
Of course it is almost forbidden to say
something negative about the Beatles
or Bob Dylan.
I like 2 later albums of the Beatles.
I never felt any emotion in Zappa's compositions.

Actually my dear girlfriend is a somewhat
of an expert on Dylan.
The 2 first albums and a few other songs of U2 I like.
The debut album of Cold Play is beautiful!
And then they were not able to be original after Parachutes.

I think I had most albums of Dire Straits.
When I listened to them after 4 or 5 years or so
it was really boring music.

And so on. YAWN
You folk lose me with regards to The Beatles being overrated. And sitting through a listen of Dylan's Nashville Skyline befuddles me more with him being tagged as such. I know it's all opinion but still confusion persists.
seals is overrated but croft is way underrated.

he makes that mandolin talk!
I didn't even think that Deep Purple was rated, let alone over-so.

Purple Mark II is arguably one of the hardest rocking bands of all time.

Folks, here's what this thread is about: popular musicians that totally suck.

Phil Collins

See? That was simple.

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