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Anybody seen this?

I especially like their Now and Then section where they took photos from the same angle as ones taken 30-40-70 years ago. There is an interactive slider on the overlaid images. Pretty fascinating. Definitely a good time-killer for those stuck at work.

I know I wouldn't have the yarbles to go take pictures in some of those locations today without a bazooka.
I went to Detroit about 10 years ago. There's a main thoroughfare that boasts early-1900s very up-scale houses and swank neighborhoods on one side, and absolute ruin on the other side. It's no narrow street mind you, but about 60-80 feet separate two entirely different worlds.

Nice use of the word yarbles, by the way.
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I was in Detroit for a few days over 30 years ago, and there weren't nothin' nowhere. Never seen anything quite like it. It was spooky. If there is any swankness in the city itself now - downtown - it must have sprung up in the meantime. In 1980-81 that place was just an empty shell. Like, tumbleweed empty.
Yeah, it's funny, we were outside of town too, and I kept pestering the people we were staying with to "take me downtown," and they kept saying, "There's nothing there." I figured they were exaggerating, that there had to be something down there. Maybe they just didn't like it so they didn't want to go. Finally they got tired of saying 'no' and they took me downtown.

They weren't exaggerating.

And I understood immediately why they didn't want to go down there. Not because it was boring or dangerous (though I'm sure it was), but because it was depressing.

Glad I saw it though, sad as it was. At least now, wherever I am, if someone says to me, "This town is dead!" I can say in all honesty, "You ain't seen dead, son."
skiroom, I know you're a master of disguise 'n' all, but really, I'm not sure if this is a good look for you.
I am trying to read your post and I keep laughing - Your Highness.
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In the highly unlikely event anyone is interested in the history of electronic music / techno in relation to Detroit this doc, made about 10 years ago I think is worth a look:

[This video is unavailable.]
Bruno Dante, so pessimistic!:)
Just watched and enjoyed it, given it's about working class kids passionate about their music. It's always a pleasure to watch that. But for me it's the kind of music you need a dance floor to appreciate.I can't listen to it as I do other music, in the house (but that's probably an age thing). Good documentary.
If no time or inclination, you could read this:
Most of the stuff shown on that documentary is 'club music', if you like. Just because that's the nature of what is being discussed and where it all started, but there's a lot of techno which is more aimed at home listening and that's more what I tend to listen to anyway. I still like some to listen to some bangin' tunes now and again though ;)

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