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I was doing some Googling of John Fante (to determine if this 1936 Mercury magazine piece we have is his first published work) when I came across this movie:

Wait Until Spring Bandini

Anyone seen it? I hadn't heard of it before. And look who co-stars: Faye Dunaway. Heh.

I ordered a copy from one of the Amazon sellers before reading the four reviews, which all pretty much say it's unwatchable. Oh well, It was only 98 cents.


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Finally watched Wait Until Spring Bandini, and it wasn't bad. Joe Mantegna doesn't pull off the most believable Italian accent I've ever heard, but the acting is mostly good, and they managed to retain some of Fante's humor in the earlier part of the movie.

I think people who rated the movie poorly were probably bored by the pace and the fact that not much happens - at least compared to, oh, I don't know, Spiderman or something...

But certainly worth the rental fee if your local joint still stocks VHS, and worth the few bucks you can buy it for used on Amazon.


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Isn't "Ask The Dust" also supposed to be either in production or maybe already out? With Colin Farrell (as Arturo Bandini... sounds like terrible casting to me but you never know) and Salma Hayak.
HI Chronic,
If it is out, then it probably has been released ecerywhere, but the US. We'll probably have to wait a year longer to see it.

I saw a European DVD copy of Factotum (They made me do it, by not releasing it here....) If I was not such a Buk fan, I'd hate it. As it is, it was OK, but not a great movie.

Anyone else see it?


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