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Gerard K H Love

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There are people who go to businesses selling boot leg copies of first run movies for like $5.00. I know the economy is tough and they're making a living and we want to save money but for the sake of the American movie industry should we turn them in? One other sad part is the guy gets copies from people who work for movie studios so they are just as good as the copies you can buy.
Streetcorner guys selling pirated movies don't bother me -- you know what you're getting (not that I've ever bought from them). But people who list DVDs of rare movies as genuine on eBay and when you get it, it's a crappy burn -- those piss me off. I fell for several such rip offs and finally gave up on eBay for movies. Now I only buy movies from Amazon, or directly from big DVD dealers with brick and mortar shops, and have never gotten a burn from them. I've also gotten ripped off by pirated VHS films on eBay, down to the color xerox of the original box in a plastic clamshell so it's not obviously a fake box.
The last time I went to see a movie in the theater it cost me and my friend 34 dollars. Later that evening I found that the opening night of the movie made about 40 million. Even though it might not be "ethical" I think the industry can still somehow find a way to pay their electric bills. In hindsight, that 5 dollar knock off looks pretty tempting. My agenda for the day is to borrow 32 dollars that I'm short on my electric bill from a friend that always buys knockoffs, to make ends meet on my own electric bill that happens to be currently in default. Arrrrrrrrr.
Many I know don't even fork over the fiver - before I've even checked current movie listings they've got half the films burned to disc for free.

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