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more crickets than friends
I have until Feb 28th to be out of the house I'm currently living in. One would think I have been packing and preparing for this move. However I've spent most nights this week at a bar called Jane's West on 4th street in Santa Monica(which is really a shitty bar, but very close to the $3.00 max parking structure) and Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood(which really reminds me too much of the ex, but hey they have that cool lil' outside patio where I can smoke and drink). So as I'm home tonight, with not ONE thing packed, I sat here wondering why I did not prepare for this move sooner, since I've known it was inevitable.... Then it struck me, I have moved from house to house, apartment to apartment 11 times since 2004! As a kid, for some 21 years I lived in the same house with my parents, so I didn't grow up moving much, or at all really. So as the deadline comes like a speeding train I wondered am I crazy? Or has anyone else moved this much in a 6 year period? So as I look around at all things in this house, I just have to know that I'm not alone and someone out in land has moved this much, or close to, or more than me?

Any thoughts?
Hey nervas,

I moved nine times since 2002 and I can only say I was searching-not to project my motivation for moving so much onto you, but I'd say if one is restless like this, he or she tries to get rid of something and tries to find something else to keep.


One six-year-station was the city of Dortmund; if you'd know Dortmund you should think I must have been able to find anything I desired there. There's a large 'scene' of musicians and other artists, a lot of locations to go out, events like video installations and exhibitions in general and logically many people involved who are not the average bore. But, nothing magical happened. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it was the people's fault, maybe the place wasn't right for me, maybe I wasn't right for the place and maybe time and place and people are doomed sometimes.
Well mark73, hearing 9 times, you're right behind me. Some of my moves have been out of needing to be somewhere new. But most of them have to do with some relationship that ended. Currently, beyond wanting a less expensive rent, I can't even walk around this damn house without way too many memories of the last couple years here. Like there's a ghost around every turn reminding me of better times. So at least, I think getting out of here will give me a fresh start in that perspective, but damn, I am so lazy right now, I have no idea how I'm going to be out of here in the next 8 days.
It wouldn't be moving if you weren't frantically throwing shit into boxes on the morning of the last day.

I think Carol has you beat though. She went to something like a dozen different schools by the time she was 14 years old. We try to stay put now.
Ha, agreed on the frantic last day stuff... The gardner was just here and I pretty much let him take anything outside the house, or not attached to the house. He's coming back tomorrow to pick up the pool table, which I'm not lugging with me, so at least there's a little stress gone about some of the bigger/heavier stuff. The last few times I've moved, I used starving students moving company, but this time I'm just doing it with friends. Well, we shall see how long I can stay in the next place.
The promise of pizza and beer at the end of it all keeps friends hauling garbage all day long. Back in the mid-80s-early 90s, I moved six times in eight years, for several reasons: had to get down to CT for new job, converted to over-priced condos, roomate moved out and over-priced and no desire for fucked-up unknown roomate, property sold, apartment allocated for lobster company executive (and they fucking painted over the gorgeous golden pine paneling that used to glow at sunset over the harbor in Stonington, CT, I came to find out later) and then back to Boston for some fucking sanity. Go figure. But you don't care about that.

Box up what you want, fuck what you don't and don't leave a forwarding address unless you have security coming your way, in which case, buy spackle and get good at it.

Edited to add: if you have a gardener, fuck you, you don't need sympathy.
Ha, couple few things.... I only have a gardner because the landlord/owner of the house I rent pays for it. But that was a funny comment. And I'm with you on the spackle, paint etc, because she does hold 2 months rent of mine! However there are just certain things, like repainting the bedroom back to the original color that I just don't have the energy to do. I just got back from moving about 2 boxes, all my shoes(and i really only own vans, so they're pretty light), and a jar of peanut butter and I'm dead tired!
That's a good point. There are about 20 houses on my current block, and without exaggeration, the gardener that takes care of this yard, also takes care of at least 10 of the houses. The other half, more gardeners. I believe there is one house where I have actually seen the resident mowing the lawn. And on the same note, as I type this, the gardner and his son are taking apart the pool table 2 feet behind me. I don't think I'll miss it.

I probably should have put a ;) in there, but good to see you took it in the spirit it was intended. Few things suck as much as moving, so hang in there. And make sure your new gardner is up to snuff.
My parents
(a teacher at my school and a deputy sheriff in my city, egads)
never picked up and left so I had a stable childhood in that regard.
I didn't move until I finished college, then I got the hell out of Dodge.
I moved a lot then afterward, some excitedly and some bawling my eyes out;
all at the last minute too.
But yo, Nervas,
you aren't moving all your stuff to storage are you?, then couch-surfing or worse?!
pm me if you need help... I've got an apartment, an idling motorhome and a place of business.

I've been homeless a couple of times and IT SUCKS
I spent my childhood moving and lived in two maybe three other countries so I can relate. It is about the same as Bukowski and many different jobs. I have had countless jobs from peon to manager and it is all about the same.

Painting the room only requires the right attitude- I have painted many houses inside and out. The key is you should spend more time preparing than actually painting. Then clean up right after you finish.
I have moved so much that I have a recurring dream about an apartment I own that I only find in my dreams and sometimes I spend a dream looking for it. I think it's a quiet little place a short walk for the beach in Oxnard or Ventura. Even in my dreams Santa Barbara is too expensive.
I've moved four times since moving to Portland in 2007. Comes with having a little one that just won't stop growing, I suppose. But this last move has to be the LAST because we've got a washer and dryer that there's NO way in hell that I'm moving...
Yup, I hear ya guys. I did get some stuff done yesterday, but have the current landlord calling every hour to ask when I'll be out, I don't understand her ignorance, I told her countless times at the beginning of the month I'd be out by the 28th. So I just stopped taking her calls. Her last message said if I didn't return her call she'd start eviction? Shit, I already have the new place, but was using every last minute I have here. And mind you, she does have 2 months rent of mine. I can't even imagine the deductions she will take from that saying that she repaired this, cleaned that, etc. And, so far, job changes and little ones have not caused me to move. Well, I take that back, my last girl had two kids and she convinced me the house we were living in was too small, so we moved here. And since she left in October, now this house is too big/expensive for just me. So onward I go.
So, here's the first thing I made sure went up at the new house, literally, right before the Target bought wine rack/cubby hole. The candles, don't ask, they just hold some weird, odd significance to me.


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