Mr. Bohlke's Inheritance

So while finishing the third volume of selected letters: Reach for the Sun, I found a nonchalantly bizarre letter to a Mr. Bohlke. The letter just states in a manner of fact way that Bukowski would accept Bohlke's inheritance if he died, although he states he told him he would not in a previous letter (not included) and that the two have never met in person. There is no other mention of this guy in the rest of the book and a google search doesn't shed any light. It was the most jarringly out of place part of the read, nearing the end of the letters where he is talking more about his illness/treatment, each one more of a gut punch than the last as the dates creep toward 1994... then out of nowhere...this. It is such a strange inclusion, raising question to which the book has no answers. I'm almost wondering why it was even selected for the book. Does anyone know who this guy was or why he wanted to give Bukowski his "inheritance"? This mundane mystery, if solved, will surely have a thoroughly unsatisfying answer...but I have to ask.
Good questions. I can't remember that letter, maybe haven't read it, since I didn't find Vol.3 as interesting as the two previous ones. But what you describe sure sounds strange and might be worth a closer look.


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July 25, 1993 3:51 PM

Dear Mr. Bohlke:
I answered your last letter regarding your inheritance. Is your mail being intercepted? At that time, I believe I told you “no” you better give your inheritance to somebody else. But now, since you wrote again, I’ll change it. All right, I’ll accept your inheritance in case you die. I’m probably as worthy as anybody else. But I still find your offer very strange because you’ve never met me in person. I suppose it’s my writing?

Well, all right, I hope that this letter gets through to you. Yours was dated June 19 and I received it yesterday, July 25. Does somebody mail your letters for you?

Well, don’t die and then we won’t have to worry about anything.
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