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Officials say drugs may have played a part
I don't know why Mr. Roberts did not post it here, but Bill put up a number of great items on eBay in the last 48 hours that are incredibly reasonable... and that's an understatement... I'm not even going to bid on them because I'd feel guilty... ok, maybe one or two. My point being, he put them on there for the love of Buk, but even more so Mr. Malone... Nice Bill...


I think that I listed them a while back on one of these threads, but these items were not sold. I wanted to sell the Wormies at what I probably paid for them. They, of course, are worth a lot more, but if I get $8 a piece for them, I'll be happy knowing that they will be enjoyed. These are doubles. I have only 2 or three more doubles. The set of the full run will have to be sold when I am no longer living, but otherwise, that set will stay with me...

I wish I didn't have a full run of wormies just so I could stumble across listings like this and get a smile on my face as I did when Christa popped in and made my day, week and year a few years ago. Then again, I'm really glad I do have a full run. I may do some homework and see if any of these are upgrades on copies I have, but otherwise, I'll leave it to others to get these gems.
Your doubles fill a bunch of holes I have (sounds a bit odd), so I am very actively participating. If only #14 had that letter...been looking for that for awhile. Beautiful stuff Bill!


That letter is classic. I should post it here. Guy complains about Bukowski and then to show that he is not a prude treats his own wife as a fucktoy.


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